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03.01.2003 ~|~ the fun of the internet
Friday, 10:45 PM - by s|inger: I know what your thinking about all this internet stuff. You'll never be able to see it all. Heck, I know what you could do that could speed things up. You can download the entire internet to your hard drive. Ahhh, heck.... I know what we really shoud do instead of downloading the entire internet. Let's turn off the internet. No really, let's turn the dang thing off and see if we can make it through the night!

One thing I miss from when I was growing up would be the early video games. One of my top 10 games to play was Joust. Flap flap flap screeeech, walk walk flap flap, I got the egg! Okay, just not the same in a text message. If your a fan of that video game, you've got to head to this site to play some Joust! It's just like the arcade. It's probably the actual ROM that is used in the real game but with a shockwave engine I would guess. The other day I passed this link called Reflections to a couple of college students. They were totally hooked on the game that night and got mad it me cuz it took them away from their studies. It's quite the challenge and I am still stuck on I believe it is round 10. Give it a try, it's different from the shoot em up games, you have to use your mind to solve this one.

02.28.2003 ~|~ end of the short month
Friday, 12:21 AM - by s|inger: Been a strange month for us in the match department. We've had tons of clan matches as usual, but we dropped quite a few of them at the beginning of the month but finished very strong. We did get one of our old members back with us for another run. Sticker! Good too see you back with us.

Three matches a week is starting to be the norm for us lately. We've played 2 of our 3 scheduled matches so far this week. Our DML2 match was first up. This week was a bit different from the normal 3 vs 3 match. It was a PoT style match or 3 vs 3 vs 3. The map was 'Cabrito' What a fun map to play on with 3 teams. It's a very large map with 4 main areas, but they are all close enough to each other that you can still rack up lots of kills. Our 2 opponents were faB5* and [am]. The only bad thing I can say about the match was we never practiced the map once and had no idea how to play the map. With that said, we did manage to claim 2nd in the map with faB5* taking first. It was one of the funnest matches I've played in for quite some time now.

-[ Cabrito Screen Shot ]-

The next evening was our match for FragFest 2003. XTPA was who we matched up against for the match and we were all a bit nervous to play them. I know many clans dislike them for whatever reason. Everything was good as could be with our encounter with them. We played their map first, Stalkyard. They are very good at this map. I've watched them play via HLTV in the past and they have great team work throughout. However, this was not to be their day. We jumped to a very small lead, 4 or 5 frags and hung on to that lead by the time we got to 150 frags. We won by about 10 frags in the end, but very close match.

Next was our map. Now normally I would have picked crossfire for our map, but being as they picked Stalkyard first, I had a hunch that we might be in trouble if I picked crossfire. So I took a gamble and went with Datacore. I must say, I am so glad I picked datacore. We won the map by almost 50 frags and they were not in this one from the start of the match. Hats off to my team! Thanks guys for an incredible win for us.

-[ Stalkyard ]-
-[ Datacore ]-

02.23.2003 ~|~ quick recap of the weeks matches
Sunday, 4:48 PM - by s|inger: Version 1.0 of HLSW has been released. This very handy tool allows you to run an IRC score bot, remotely administrate servers, join games, and a lot more. Heres a list of the relevant changes in 1.0:

• Gamers Search Serverlisten added
• Buddy List
• "/find" (Ctrl F) Search function (with "rule:xxx" bzw. "player:xxx" rules and players can be searched)
• Server Properties (Ctrl + P)
• Server List Properties menue (Ctrl + O)
• Filter Function
• Mutli Language Support
• mIRC Bot CPL conform.
• AMX-Support

Download the new version from

Sunday, 1:38 PM - by s|inger: We played in 3 matches this week and earned three more victories. Tuesday was our first match for the week against f@W0 in the DML2. I wont go into detail, but it was very sad watching this match with one of the f@W0 players have big issues with his temper. He claims he was just being funny and that's how he always is. Here are a couple snips of what was said during the match. Well, at least while he was there, he did leave during the match when we were up big time on them at the 7 minute mark [45-25?]. We were on our way to victory and I guess this is how he saves face when they are about to lose.

-[ Stalkyard ]-
-[ Rock_bottom ]-

The next night we had a friendly match with TSG. Finally a match that is not in a tournament. It has been a while. We came out very strong in this match and winning all three maps that were played. I wasn't able to watch in of the match, but here are the screnshots of our victory.

-[ Stalkyard ]-
-[ Crossfire ]-
-[ StalkX ]-

Finally we come to Thursdays FragFest 2003 match against -FE- What fun this match was. [Heavy sarcasim] First of all, it took over a week to set up a match with these guys. Which was fine, things happen. Then the fun began once the match started. I believe we were around 120 kills to 60 and poof, the server reset! Things went down hill and fast from there.

I wont go into crawdad being accused of cheating. As they put it, I'd like to see how he does on a server running C-D. Why don't you just say what you mean next time. You think he cheats. Sorry to rain on your parade, but craw does not cheat. He is good at some maps and average on others. Aren't we all? Here is a tip, keep your mouth shut on bull shit like that. You end up looking worse than f@W0-eskimo [see above f@W0 match].

The bad thing about the server reset changed the entire match. We had to play a 2 on 2 and Sticker was having some massive ping problems and would lock solid and be dead when the lag dropped to normal numbers. Craw basically took the 2 from -FE- on by himself. Nice job. The 2nd map, QuickSilver took the place of Sticker and we took an early lead, not by much, and ended up winning the map not by much.

-[ StalkX ]-
-[ Stalkyard ]-

02.14.2003 ~|~ happy valentines day
Friday, 12:45 AM - by s|inger: It was a quite a night for our two matches last night. We ended up with to wins in two different tournaments. The first match was a no show for FRiCKeN. Which was a bummer. I was looking forward to having a match with them again. Nice group of guys to play against. We get the default win for that match the easy way.

Next came the opening match in the FragFest 2003 tournament. We again got to play V&M. Seams like we are always playing these guys in the first weeks tournament schedule. For those of you who don't know, FragFest is a small tournament which has clans from Valve AND Severian MOD playing against each other. Kinda of different and will be an interesting tournament playing the different MOD's than what we are used to playing. Should be for some fun matches, no doubt.

Our first map was Stalkyard and we play to 150 frags per tourney rules. I do wish they would put in a time limit or 150 frags as some maps will take a long time to play depending on the play style of the clans and MOD. None the less, DADS came out very strong in Stalkyard with Crawdad controlling the box room for most of the map. Which left Sticker and JohnnyRocket roaming around then refilling up in the box room when needed. I did see Crawdad setting some trip mines in that one corner spot. Was laughing when I saw him do it but didn't see him get any kills from it though, maybe next time. We finished strong and won the map by a score of 150 to 98.

Next up was crossfire! A V&M and DADS favorite. This was to be a close match to the end. It was neck and neck at the mid way point, but then the match took a strange twist. The match ended up becoming the stranges match I have ever seen play out. There was times when I would see a player have the gluon in hand, run over the tua gun but continue using the gluon just to piss off his opponent. I have never seen so much gluon usage in a match by both clans in my entire life except during a [PNP] vs [PNP] clan practice match. It was unreal. I have a strange screenshots where Cool Raul died while using the gluon gun, then respawned with the pistol as usual, but the gluon stream is still coming out of his gun!! No matter what weapon he switched to, the stream was still there. Was pointing directly up to the center of the map I think. Just weird.

Then the worst thing that could happen in a match happened. Samiam dropped from the server. Not once, but two times. Then Banshee dropped shortly afterwards. UGH! It did give us a bigger lead that what we had, if any. We won by a score of 150 to 136. I do feel it should have been a lot closer with all the gluon kills adding up.

- Stalkyard Screen Shot -
- Crossfire Screen Shot -

02.02.2003 ~|~ few changes for the site
Sunday, 10:04 PM - by s|inger: I'm sure you've noticed the new high tech logo up above. Replacing the "Men In Black" type logo I had created over a year ago. I must have spent 3 or 4 hours and 3 redesigns on that first logo for the new site layout. Okay, I spent all of 25 minutes on the new and improved logo. It's a bit larger now at 765x108 versus 468x60. Heck, I still have to change all of the HTML coding on all of the pages. So far it's just the front page and the forum that have the new logo.

Which brings me to our new and improved forum!! Yes, we took the big leap. We ditched ever reliable forum and went with our own locally hosted power by Invision Boards forum. Yeppers, we are ever more high tech than before! Thanks to ~RED! for help with getting the ball rolling on the new forums. I certainly couldn't have done it with out his help. Since I had very little to do with getting it running, all credit should belong to him.

I know, I have gone away from the inter connectivity of the forums. That in my opinion is the ONLY reason we selected their forums in the first place. Other wise forums can jump off a cliff. I'm sure it will keep some people from creating an account and posting something on the forums, but it has yet to be down during peak hours or get any database errors or simply off-line. I know none of you get to see the web site stats like I do, but I can tell you, our "hits" to the site have almosttripledd now and unique visitor average has doubled since the forums have been in place.

Take a look at the download section of the web site. I was able to create a new model for DADS to use during our matches. It's called "dads3". I re-skined the "etac" model and gave it an entire new look. Brightened it up a bit, removed a lot of the black and grey armor it originally had. I'm quite happy with how it all turned out. It's always fun to see a model you created running around in the game with you.

I'd like to provide you with a helpful web site, it's called Counter-Script. No no. It's not a new MOD for Half-Life. This site has a counter balance for the telemarketer who calls you ever single evening 3 or 4 times per night. There is a report for you to fill out and rate your experience with the telemarketer. Send it in when your done and add your call to the stats.

Next year when Halloween rolls around, I am ordering this costume for my son. You son will love you for getting him one and your wife will give you quite a look. I'm not sure if it will be a good look, but it will be a look, that is for sure. If that costume for some reason, doesn't go over too well, you can always select one of these retro Halloween costums. My favorite is the Joannie Loves Chachi costum. Since your wife is already thinking your crazy for purchasing that Halloween costum for junior, why not buy these awesome brain and hearth Gelatin molds. Yes, it's true! They are dishwasher safe.

Now that you've made your family happy, it's time to treat yourself to a new purchase. These new Roadsters, with 4-speed manual transmission, twin engine, 3-wheel disc brakes. Yes, 3-wheel is correct. The new Merlin Roadsters are made by Corbin Motors. I think they are targeting the Motorcycle market with these 3 wheelers. Fairly inexpensive around $23,000 however 35 miles per gallon is a bit low for the size of this vehicle.

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