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01.26.2003 ~|~ big win in dml week four
Sunday, 2:35 PM - by s|inger: We were considered the underdog in the Week 4 match of the DML2 against |mg| and rightfully so. We did lose to them in the PoT4 3v3v3 format. Our past matches with |mg| we did not fair much better. We've only had one win against them in many attempts and to their credit, it was not their best line up for our previous victory.

Always willing to help out when I can, we moved the match from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon so |mg| could have a full team in there against us. Win or lose, I wanted to prevent a 3 on 2 match and make whomever won a pointless victory. Should you ever have to reschedule a match with RSI, good luck. They obviously want to play us and NOT have our best team so they can get another easy victory over us. After all, we did beat them in PoT4. Why would they want our best team in there and risk getting ANOTHER loss by DADS. RSI loses to DADS. I recall the outrage posts when they went down in PoT4. I can only imagine what they will be like if it happens again.

Any way, back to the match. We started off on |mg|'s home map: Hypothermia. A map that one of their members made so we were already at a disadvantage to the map. The size of the map with a 3on3 made it for a very low scoring game. I must admit, I was very surprised when I looked at the scoreboard and it read 8 to 1 in favor of DADS. Did my jaw drop? Yes, yes it did. I mainly followed Eclipse and Hive for the duration of the map. They knew it very well and I learned a few tips on the map that I never knew about. Thank you HLTV. |mg|'s knowledge of the map was starting to pay off for them. They were spending quite a bit of time collecting weapons and running in similar patters throughout the map. While we just ran around looking for a fight, while trying not to get lost in the map. Slowly our huge lead dwindled down to a one frag lead at the 4 minute remaining mark. I was hoping we could hold on. The lead changed hands for a 2 minutes, then |mg| pulled ahead with 2 minutes to play. We never regained the lead. They pulled off a massive comeback and won it by five frags. Final score was 24 to 19. I told you it was a large map and every second counted in this one.

A couple hours before the match started. One of our starters sent me a message that he was a bit nervous for this match. He didn't know if we could do good against |mg|. I advised him that we may not win their home map and it probably would come down to the tie breaker map. With the first map having |mg| as the victors, we had no choice but to win our home map, Rock_bottom and go to the tie breaker map. Which proved to be quite an easy victory on the map for us. We knew the map well, however I did follow some of the |mg| players and they knew their way around the map rather well. I'm sure they played it in the past a time or two. The final score was not so close as the last map and we took another huge lead and never lost it. Final score was 95-46. Of all the teams we faced on this map, |mg| has been the strongest.

On to the tie breaker map. It was decided on picking a number. 1 or 2 One for OneSlip and two for Stalkyard. Lucky number 2 was selected and on to Stalkyard it was. We've never been all that strong in Stalkyard in the past. Today was a day of change for us. We came out strong, ran the box room very well at the beginning and then it happened. We lostCrawdadd. He left at 5 frags and we were left with Veive and QuickSilver in there against 3 |mg| players. While craw was re-entering the server and then dropped again. He ended up rebooting his PC while the match was in progress. JohnnyRocket and I were on ICQ deciding if we should jump in there in place of Craw or not. Our decision was made for us as Craw was able to complete the map. I will admit, I was surprised we won by 50 frags on this one. We had 3 decent Stalkyard players in there, so maybe it was lucky we played Stalkyard instead of OneSlip. Either way, it sometimes is good to be the underdog. Get a big win and you can start turning some heads for a change.

- Hypothermia Screen Shot -
- Rock_Bottom Screen Shot -
- Stalkyard Screen Shot -

01.22.2003 ~|~ week three win in dml
Wednesday, 1:39 PM - by Veive: The DADS vs FA match wasn't much to write about, but seeing as it was a DML league match, I figure I might as well slap some words together. after all, according to Lexi, it might have been a close one.

Well, to cut a long story short (er, actually to cut a short story even shorter) DADS thoroughly routed the FA squad with little difficulty. The first map was the DADS chosen rockbottom. Although there was no strategy I could tell (I sure as hell wasn't using one) the superior knowledge of the map and what I can safely call probably a greater amount of skill, DADS rollicked home with the final score being 103 to 40, FA never being in the running.

Sadly, the FA map Stalkx proved no better. From the get go DADS launched a vigorous attack that FA really didn't have much to counter. What really did not help was FA's Ce||three leaving in the middle of the match for some time. The match being all but in the bag, me and Sling left Craw to contend with the remaining FA members while we frolicked away with some screenshot happiness. This first one went a bit wrong because Sling was interrupted while setting up the shot, but happily, Ce||three's absence was so prolonged that Slinger was able to get this outstanding shot of me on Ce||three's head.

That marked the only point of interest in the whole match. Although I was looking for some more classic photography, Ce||three did eventually return, and we were forced to play the match to its conclusion more traditionally, ending with a score of 107 to 36.

- rock_bottom screen shot -
- stalkX screen shot -

01.20.2003 ~|~ clan match paused when player drops
Monday, 10:12 AM - by Veive: In the normal way of things a clan match is a short, if somewhat intense, period of time where two honorable groups of gamers battle it out in a competitive, yet still fun, environment. This is what the game is, and this is why we love it so much.

Sadly, such an atmosphere is not at all prevalent in a match up against the supreme queerness of pi. Displaying characteristics of pure noobishness, pi has truly astounded me by the sheer level of their gheyness, and I would not be exaggerating when I say that if at all possible, you should avoid these people like the plague.

Yes, we lost. But before you go off thinking I'm just ranting about a loss, that's not the case at all: I had intended to write this, win or lose.

The first and foremost example of utter gheyness was when their players dropped and lo and behold! Someone unbeknownst to us, PAUSED in the middle of the fucking match.

Well, I've played in many clan games, and I've seen a lot of things in my time, and I've CERTAINLY seen players dropped from the game, but I can assure you that I have NEVER seen a MATCH paused in the middle. This goes out to all the little queers in pi: if you're players drop, it's sure as hell not OUR fault, and get a fucking clue n00bs, players drop all the time YOU DON'T PAUSE THE FUCKING GAME.

And how, you might ask, were they able to pause this game? I don't know. But its obvious someone had server control. And this brings us to the next matter: good job you little pricks, for choosing the laggiest fucking server in the Continental United States. Shots didn't register, clipping, players disappearing, you name it, it happened in this sorry excuse of a match.

Quite frankly, one of the most unprofessional clans I have ever met (unsurprising, as they have Hellafag, the biggest HLDM clanwhore of all time as a member), I can only hope that like all of Hellafag's other pathetic clan endeavors, this one too meets with an early demise.

01.18.2003 ~|~ opening loss in hlfl tournament
Saturday, 9:24 PM - by s|inger: Our first match in the HLFL tournament couldn't have gone any worse, than it did today. I don't know if the time was changed or if I read it wrong, but the match start time was 2 hours later than what I posted. The server IP was different from what was posted as well. We had four people to start and 2 back ups in place. All looked good the night before the big game.

Slowly this pleasant look on my face turned into a scowl. My kids seeing this new look on my face, ran around all day presenting the same scowl that dad displayed for them before match time. Ya just gotta love kids!

I was able to sort out what server we were playing on and the correct start time, however, finding enough players today was my next problem. One of our starters and one of the back up players were the only ones able to make the match today. I sent out messages to all the players that I thought may be able to play that were not expected to play today. No one replied in time for the match start time. This was going to be a rough one.

Crawdad and I jumped on the Euro server and found ourselves facing four players from [FRiCKeN]. We had hoped they would be short one player at least so we could go 3 on 2. Nope, they were just as excited for this match as we were.

~RED has entered the game. Ahhhh, my ICQ messages had paid off. We had a 3rd player for our first map with FRiCKeN. However, their teamwork on StalkX was amazing. Finding a weapon in the match was a major problem. Not to mention they were all the yellow robo model which I found difficult to see against the background of the walls at times. Hats off to FRiCKeN as they destroyed the three of us. Around every corner they were there waiting to take us out and they did so very well. Final score of this map was 223-58. It was good to watch them cream us. I watched how they played and saw some new spots to play from on that map.

We had to move servers for our home map, Phallik as it was not on the Euro server we were playing on. Once we found a server with the map, we got another surprise....we had a 4th player for the map!! Chronic jumped into the server and we waited as he downloaded the map. What no one else knows is I sent RED the same map via ICQ when we switched servers. Two of our newest clan mates were going to learn the map on the fly.

The match started and FRiCKeN got off to another huge lead. My thinking was we would be destroyed like we were in StalkX just minutes earlier. I believe we were down somewhere between 30 and 40 frags at the mid point. Slowly we chipped away at their lead as the end of the 20 minute map came to a close. We made a great run at the end and knocked their lead down to 13 when the timer it zero. Final score for the map was 157-144.

Five more minutes and maybe we would have taken the lead? Who knows. We will face them again in the HLFL tournament. They are also involved in the DML tournament so we may have another opportunity to play this fun group.

- StalkX Screen Shot -
- Phallik Screen Shot -

01.17.2003 ~|~ dads victorious in match
Friday, 11:08 AM - by Veive: The match with V&M came as a rude surprise to many of the DADS squad. ok ok, it came as a rude surprise to ME. but suffice it to say that V&M have got one mean squad these days. Requiring special mention is undoubtedly the beast, V&M CoolRaul.

Orphaned as a child, Raul was brought up by a troupe of traveling warrior monks from the Im So Lit Clan in Southern Chinese Province Oh Ji Cee, whose doctrine of fierce piety and incredible celibacy forced Raul into venting his frustrations the only way he knew how. This led the young catholic youth to develop incredible wrist strength and speed, laying the groundwork for his fate as HLDM player extraordinaire.

Now on the street, Raul sought to move his way up the ladder of success, but alas, his ambitions were thwarted at every turn. His short tenure as quality control agent at a rectal thermometer company ('the job was a real pain in the ass' he tells us in his memoirs) only made him more determined to make something of himself. It was at this time Raul stumbled across a discarded Half Life CD, thrown out of a high apartment building by some hopeless noob who just couldn't get the hang of tau jumping.

Thus fate brought Raul into the arcane world of nob. In a short time, Raul quickly worked his way through the pub servers, gaining respect and experience as he tested his mettle against such worthy opponents as Player(1), Player(3), Unnamed, and of course, the fearsome PNP clan members.

It was around this time Raul came across the clan V&M. Directionless and floundering, V&M desperately needed the firm hand (and wrist) of an experienced leader, one that could schedule matches, maintain morale, give wise advice and type 'V&M pwns j00' in under 3 seconds. now affixed with the honorarium 'Cool', [V&M]CoolRaul was born.

Although his path to the top was littered with obstacles, schisms, small children, noobs, wall hax and cheaters, CoolRaul has come a long way in the days since. since he wasn't as cool, for example.

Anyway, this is a really longwinded way of saying that Raul kicks ass. Now the match.

The first level, ironically enough V&M's pick, was Rapidcore. This level was comfortably led and held by the DADS squad, even in the absence of any unified strategy on either side. The spawn kills were many and frequent, but on a 4v4 this was hardly to be unexpected. DADS led the way with Quick and some loser named blah, leading to a comfortable win, with a score of 192-110.

Crossfire was the second pick and was a much more closely run affair. The lead started fluctuating half way through the match and, no doubt, MVP of this level must go to the bestial CoolRaul, a man who simply could not be killed. However, it transpired that the momentary lapse in play was due to QuickSilver's Mom ( being what we call in the business, an unholy bitch (PS If you would like me to call YOUR mom an unholy bitch please mail me at, and send $10). However, Quick was able to placate his mother (with a little advice from yours truly. I've never had much trouble getting Quick's mom to do whatever I want.), and with his mother vanquished, DADS began to build up something of a lead, and ended the match with the score of 197-173.

An interesting comparison, and ironically enough, the exact same map combination was played by these two clans for DML a little while ago. You can see the crossfire screen shot here, and the rapidcore screen shot here. Notice a difference? Now THAT'S improvement.

Undoubtedly an excellent and fun match, this little soiree (that's French for 'party', for those of you that still use Pepsodent to brush your teeth in the morning. if even that) has left me with an increased respect for V&M, and an eagerness for future matches, where hopefully one of the V&M members won't have such a high ping, as in this match. GG guys, well played.

- RapidCore Screen Shot -
- CrossFire Screen Shot -

Friday, 9:49 PM - by s|inger: One of my co-workers today got a package delivered to him at work. He is in the process of moving, so for the time being, he has all his deliveries mailed to his place of employment. He open the box and inside he pulls out an Antique Sterling Silver VW bus. I was in awe of the looks of the tiny HotWheel and wanted one for myself. It turns out there is a limited number of these buses that were made and all of the net proceeds will be donated to two prominent childrens Hospitals: Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin and the Childrens Hospital at UCLA.

There is a copper version and a bright 24K gold version as well. I do believe I will purchase the Antique Silver version for my tastes. Besides, the money will go for a good cause. Get one for yourself at Dan's DieCast website.

Maybe you've unfortunately seen this website already. This guy named Hitoshi has this website and he leik's milk. No, I didn't really misspell that word, I just copied how Hitoshi has it spelt on his website. It's quite the site and it comes with a great guest book for y'all to sign.

This site is called purple. Enough said.

For adults only!! 100% All Nude Teen Stick Figures. All real teens. All orginal. No Fakes.

This site is great if you like watching great commercials. Some of them I watched made me laugh, while others I couldn't believe they would show something like that in the United States. Very easy to navigate and worth a look if you are bored.

You wanna see a motorcycle? OMG! This cycle has a dodge viper engine in it. The brand-new Dodge Tomahawk V-10, 8.3-liter (505 cubic inch) motorcycle. It will only get into speeds of 400 miles per hour. My thinking is you would need something more than just a helmet. How would one hang on to the handle bars and just how does that thing handle corners at 400 mph?

01.15.2003 ~|~ dads roll on to dml victory
Tuesday, 5:15 AM - by Veive: The XR match was another fine example of a match well played. As with any match, many factors contributed to the demise of XR, including not having a squad ready to go, some lackadaisical tactics and generally not playing as well as I feel they could have. This is not to say, however, that they played a bad match, but both maps were convincing wins for us.

XR chose boot_campx for their first map. Although they were not to know it, it was a map that I had just finished unzipping into my maps folder seconds ago, but in fairness, it was a fair copy of the original boot_camp, so I can hardly say it was a stellar performance on my part. XR employed, from what I could tell, something of a long range strategy, staying together and using the bow. The DADS team, however, were extremely mobile, and thus ran the level, exploiting the weaknesses in the XR squad. Although a low scoring match, after an initially even start, DADS pulled ahead and stayed ahead, the match ending with a score of 35 to 16. I would claim credit, but I was to busy wandering around like an idiot to really know what was going on. The only other event of note was XR Wraith having a catastrophic keyboard failure, forcing him to opt out of the next match. Once again, the patented DADS KeyBoardKiller9999 virus bales us out of a tricky situation…

The next map was our own Rock_bottom, a map Quick had introduced me to only hours before, and then proceeded to waste me 14-0. However, as it turned out, Quick was the master at this level, and defeat in his hands still meant we still had a fighting chance. This, sadly, was no where near the same level of competitiveness as the last, as we rocketed into the lead, increased out lead, and ended up with a rather inspiring 117-42 victory. With me, of course, the dead weight of DADS once again.

I congratulate everyone on a match well played.

- boot_campX screen shot -
- rock_bottom screen shot -

01.13.2003 ~|~ by Veive
Monday, 4:24 PM - by Veive: Ahhhh half-life, as I leave and breathe. What a great way to waste time. There are many we can thank for making this beloved game an even bigger time drain, all those people out there that keep organizing these tournaments. The DML is in the works, Fragfest, numerous LANS and all manner of interesting stuff. Slinger, the veritable DADS clan leader has already stolen my thunder about the new patch, sounds like a good one. I know that the no sound thing was a massive irritation to me at least (especially when you get AIMed from some loser you don't even want to talk to. so what do you do? You put an away message that indicates that the next person to message you will get a steel rod shoved through his anal cavity until it comes to the first bend in his intestines.Of course, the next person to AIM you is your girlfriend. GG! Looks like you're jacking off in a gym sock this Saturday night). Not to mention HL-Elite, the controversial new mod. Some people call it a lame excuse for AG, others call it a godsend that will revive a dying genre. Only time will tell.

As I was playing HL for the first time since I got back, I was reminded of a movie I watched a few weeks before Xmas, a little known film called Equilibrium. Well, for those of you out there that have read (and know how to read) 1984, the movie, thematically, doesn't really present anything fascinating, but they did introduce this new martial artsy thing called Gun-khata, which was basically using the gun like an extension of your body, while being conscious of exactly where the next bullet was going to come from and when. Well I realized that's EXACTLY what good HLDM players do: they are incredibly fast, predict what other players are going to do, and make themselves hard to hit targets.

Kinda makes you wonder though, what would happen if our on-line skills could translate into real life gun skills? You would have these INSANE people running around shooting 100 people a minute, jumping from buildings, never using elevators when tau's were available. People walking around with their clans, spotting a n00b, wasting him, getting hungry, walking over to a health pack for a few seconds and getting full. aaaaah.

No, I haven't been experimenting with narcotics. Well, not right now. I recommend the movie though, go see it. Very Matrix-esque.

Anyway, I'll have more to say about stuff in columns to come. Watch this space.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me at If you are coherent enough, I'll include you in my next column, greatly increasing your odds of getting laid.

01.11.2003 ~|~ next hl update
by s|inger: This next update will have quite a bit of updates for Counter-Strike as usual, but you'll see some changes and fixes for HLDM. The biggest changes from what I can tell, and maybe I'm not reading everything correctly, but WON is going away and being replaced by STEAM

Steam is a content delivery/download system. It includes automatic updating. If Half-Life is updated, the server will download a new version from VALVe and restart. Clients will simply download the new .dll files and any new art needed while starting up. Maps/textures are downloaded as needed.

Right now, Sierra controls updates to Half-Life and Half-Life: Counter-Strike (CS Retail). By switching to Steam, VALVe takes Sierra out of the equation meaning much faster updates. Steam quite possibly means the end of separate .exe downloads to update Half-Life and Counter-Strike. If VALVe wants to add a new gun, they simply add the models and update the .dll files and hundreds of thousands of clients will receive the updates.

Friends, formerly known as Tracker, will ship with Steam. Friends is VALVe's instant messanger program, like AOL Instant Messenger. A few differences: you can use it in game, you can use it to browse servers, and you can tell where your friends ("buddies") are playing. All functionality is available from both your Windows Desktop and from the Half-Life Desktop in-game, which is launched by pressing the F1 key. That is why F1 is reserved in CS 1.5 and HL

Minimize and Keep Sound
The new version of Half-Life will fix a long standing bug regarding sound. If you lose focus of the HL window (say ICQ pops up, or something), you lose sound. In the next version of HL, sound will automatically return. A four year old bug being fixed is quite remarkable!

Netcode Variables Locked
VALVe has removed the ex_correct, ex_extrapmax, ex_maxerrordistance, and cl_nopred variables from the next version of Half-Life. ex_interp may also be removed and locked to .1. For more info, see this news post. Many HL players tweak these variables under the impression that they can improve their aim and the netcode's "inaccuracy."

HLTV Improvements
HLTV will use less bandwidth and will fix a few bugs. It will also include a built in demo player.

01.08.2003 ~|~ dads win third match in a row
Tonight was the first of many AG matches that are to come. We faced off against PwR tonight. 4 on 4 and there was a 20 minute time limit this time since that is what the tournament matches are too be that we are getting ourselves into.

We jumped out to a small lead, about 7 or 8 frags. PwR caught up, we pulled ahead again, they caught up, then pulled ahead again, then they almost caught up and we were able to squeak out a victory by 4 frags in Stalkyard. There was a sigh of relief when the timeclock showed 0 seconds left

Next was our favorite map, crossfire. It was hella close for the first few minutes, I'm not sure who was in the lead, but it was a 1 or 2 frag lead or a tie. Then for some reason we went mad, went on a killing streak and won by over 100 frags. Nice job in there tonight DADS! You saved my butt a time or two!

- StalkYard Screen Shot -
- CrossFire Screen Shot -

The lighter side of the internet:
Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines Trailer
Ball PC - ummm, yeah right, that's a bowling ball?
Defeat Telemarketers - for free? Sounds like it would work, someone tell me if it really does
Radio Station Locator - find a radio station by city or call letters
NET Game - fun little game to try if your bored
Random Website - how bad can some of these be?
LeukaGames - yet ever tons more games to try. Only for the extreamly bored!
never ending photo - Mommy, make it stop!!
Portable Video Recording System - from the 1980 JC Penny Catalog. Only $889 for the color camera, $899 for the video recorder, your all set!

01.07.2003 ~|~ dml 2 kicks off this week
It was the pretties of starts. In fact, 40 minutes after the schedule start time was when our match with V&M got underway. I figured this weeks matches would be a learning experience, it was.

I was able to watch most of the entire pre-match and the actual match itself via HLTV. I do love that feature they added into the game. However, the commentary from the two admins was a bit laughable. I know they forgot that the HLTV people could read what they were saying to each other. They would not have mentioned that, and I quote: "My breath is really bad" and my favorite "When I burp, it smells like meat loaf". Thank you for those :)

Any way, the first map we played was crossfire. Not one of our clan maps, but we had to sub in a map due to a mix up on what maps the server had available to it. Not a big deal, we coped well. It was a tight one at first, we started very slowly. Soon we kicked it in, but a bad connection for one of the V&M players was unfortunate. They had to sub in Cool Raul for the last 5 minutes of the map. The map win was ours.

Next was V&M's map which was RapidCore. This one was much closer than the final score looked. Due to the late start of our match, the younger, *SickKiller* had to leave because; "my mom is being an ass" was how he said it said. No, listen to your mother, she knows what is best for you at your age. It was late and I know you had school the next morning, cut her some slack and do what she says. So V&M finished the map with only 2 players giving us an easy victory after that point. Thanks for the match guys.

- Crossfire Screen Shot -
- Rapidcore Screen Shot -

1.02.2003 ~|~ dads kick off 2003 with a victory
DADS kicked off the 2003 clan match season with a match against our good friends [FA]. We got off to a very fast start in crossfire, the first map of the match. Pot.Head, one of our newest members went on an impressive killing streak to start the map. We quickly got the win with help from QuickSilver, JohnnyRocket and our returning clan mate C|an-Ki||a.

The next map for the match was StalkX. A HLDM community favorite. [however, ever since the beating we took in PoT3 against syn, I've never fully recovered on that map] This one was much closer of a fight against [FA]. They gave one hell of a fight in this map but we managed to nudge them out tonight.

The tiebreaker map, Stalkyard, was played for fun. Good Games to [FA] and thanks for the match.

- Crossfire Screen Shot -
- StalkX Screen Shot -
- StalkYard Screen Shot -

The lighter side of the internet: - I have not tried this site out, but it sounds interesting if it works.
elgooG - yes, it's Google's mirror. You gotta check this one out. It is some good humor!
StereoTypes - click the faces and bodies to make a new stereotype
Sticker's Car! - he finally sent me photo's of his car.
World's Smallest PC - just as it says...dang small!!
Breaks and Beats - site list the songs played in the TV commercials
Bubble Ball - a fun game. worth a try or two.
3D Cube - the fun Rubik's cube goes online! I never could solve the dang thing and I still can't do it.
Optical Illusion - count the black dots. That's all there is too it
4X4 racing - neat little game to play

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