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07.28.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:47 pm
Spotted this topic on the [R]age forum posted by [LMS]007 [7.28.03 @ 10:04pm] - HLE Beta 0.96 has been released. Here are the fixes/changes. All servers and clients must update to the current .96.

0.96 FULL 17mb
0.96 PATCH 6mb

-added quick commands gamemodes "lms", "teamplay" "ctf" etc...
-fixes show settings, no longer will it display on everyone’s screen (this was a bug introduced in .95)
-fixes scoreboard observer colors
-fixes observer text colors
-fixes team names in scoreboard after a teammate drops and rejoins
-fixes ctf spectator flag image in eye mode
-fixes looping team "" bug in team mode
-fixed emit to even when ppl are not spectating so you can force them to change teams
-fixed large map crash bug for servers with 800+ maps
-fixed overlapping votes, this actually crashed servers.
-added ~ command to mp_banentities cvar, it works like this

"mp_banentities" "weapon_;~weapon_g"
weapon_ will ban every weapon because they start with "weapon_" that string but ~ omits commands from being banned so any entity starting with "weapon_g" will spawn. The only weapon in this case would be the gauss. So the next result is, only the gauss will spawn in this server.

configure this in modes/* folders. this is mostly designed for action and duel modes, perhaps you want gauss ammo to spawn, but nothing else.. just add "~ammo_g;" inside mp_banentities command in the correct modes configuration file... hope that makes sense.

-matchstart icon (the lock) now works when you join a game and a match is in progress.
-added matchstart 3, which locks the teams but does not restart.. this would give admins some control over a server if he wanted to move players around.. he can lock the teams and then use the emit command to shuffle players around, very handy.
-added mp_satchelexplode commands.. Prevents satchels from exploding if shot at.
-added a new gauss color (white) “cl_gauss” “8”

Like I said, nothing major.. Just tweaking, but this stuff makes HLE solid

07.27.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:48 pm
I was looking over the old news articles this afternoon and I realized something. I don't have a lot of news on two major topics. Then again, my mommy always told me to never talk about two of these topics. They would be sex and politics.

072403-2000vote.JPG - 20752 Bytes

Now look at this map. The Red is the county's that Bush won and the Blue are the county's that Gore won. It doesn't look like Gore won all that much.

Let me quote [FA]'s Se|f on the photo: "see, alot of the red counties that u see are not as populated as say the entire coastal area of california. Gore did indeed nearly have the election because he took most of the counties where the population was extremely dense and ultimatley that state. here is an example. Gore won the state of New York, taking its 33 electoral votes. Bush won nevada, taking its 4 electoral votes. now when u look at the two states, nevada dwarfs new york in size, making it look as if Bush accomplished more with that feat. but new york out-populates nevada therefore NY gets way more electoral votes.

gore only took a handful of states, but they were the big ones crammed with liberal voters, like california (54 electoral votes) and new york (33 electoral votes).

when florida was in dispute, the electoral count was this: Bush 246 and Gore 266. total electoral votes needed to win: 270. Florida was worth 25 votes. so u see Florida was indeed the crown jewel in the 2000 election. had gore taken it, he would have easily won the election.

but to end the recount madness, there have been three independent recounts of the disputed counties in florida since the end of the election and each time Gore still lost. so all the "no mandate" and "bush stole the election" crap is just that - crap.

Basicly what it boils down to is if your in the highly populated areas, your probably dependant on government or working for the government and you tend to vote with the democrats. They give the most handouts and entitlement programs so naturally you'll side with them. It will catch up to them sooner or later. Just take a look at the mess in California with Grey Davis, soon to be ex-governor.

To read the full transcript of President Clinton's address to the American people on the US-led attack on Iraq and the knowledge he had of Saddam's Nukes.
Clinton: Iraq has abused its last chance. "Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors," said Clinton.

I'd better get to the sex part of today's news before I lose interest in some of you....LOL!

Link: DADS website gets pornolized
Link: Blond chick with a cute pussy
Link: Very nice tits!!!
Link: Live nude pussy
Link: Girls brushing their teeth
Link: Girls eating sandwiches
Link: Earth Erotica
Photo: our very own JohnnyRockets automobile
Link: These guys are selling a JohnnyRocket kit
Photo: Eminem immitates Mr Jackson
Link: this hurts my eys!
Link: Beer for the homeless? why not!
Link: Bathroom survey, go ahead and take one

This video is insane!

07.27.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 12:37 am
September 30, 2003 perhaps this is the release date of Half-Life 2, perhaps not. It's gotta be in the back of everyone's mind. Will the game be released on time or will the date get pushed back. We can only sit and wait. In the mean time, I know you've already seen these videos a couple months ago and a few other websites have posted links to them. However I wanted to host them for a little while. They look to be the original videos that everyone saw, but they are not from a camera pointed at a monitor and the quality is MUCH better: HL2-g-man.exe [70 megs], HL2-kleiners_lab.exe [84 megs], HL2-docks.exe [49 megs]

Added a new HL2 website to the links on the right, Half-Life Source. They have a pretty good souce and a easy to follow site layout. Give them a look over.Be sure to check out their logo! It was nice to see someone liked my wallpaper that I made. They used part of it in their logo!

If you wanna read a little more info on Half-Life 2, I found a great read posted on halflife2.net in their forums with tons and tons and tons of questions and answers from Gabe Newell of Valve Software. There is another, smaller article, posted on HL2Central.net.

07.16.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:29 pm
My wife and I have been married over nine years now [10 years March 04] and still going strong, but there was a time in the early years of our marrage that we had some difficulty. I remember this one time we attended a marrige seminar on communication to help us get a better understanding of each other. We sat there and listened to our instructor for hours and hours. Then he said something, to this day, I'll never forget, "It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other." Then he asked "Can you describe your wife's favorite flower?" A big smile appeared on my face because I knew the answer to this one. I leaned over to my wife, gently touching her arm, and whispered to her "Pillsbury All-Purpose, isn't it?"

One of my co-workers at my wonderful place of employment was talking to me about this new diet that he put himself on. I must say, I really need to start in on this diet. It's dang good. He's called his new diet the "21 Beer Diet". Yes, I said beer! All he is really doing is limiting himself to 21 beers a week, which boils down to 3 beers per day. However, if he wants to drink more on the weekends, then he really must limit himself during the week. It's a good plan and I am for sure starting on this diet right away. Currently I drink about 3 beers per week. Thus I need to start increasing my beer intake by 18 more beers per week. Thanks Ben for this great new diet plan. I see Opra's talkshow in your future!

Site of the day: HuntingForBambi.com
I didn't believe this was real when I first heard about it, but it looks legit. It even made MSNBC's news and of course MSN.com's daily news. If you have a spare $10,000 dollars around, you can "book a hunt" in the Las Vegas wilderness. Why so much for this trip? Let's see you get round trip airfair, lodging for 3 days and 4 nights, meals for the hunt, the hunt inself, a video of the hunt, plus a wall mount of your hunt [video image]. I know, it still doesn't seam like it should cost that much right? Here is that one other thing about the hunt. Your hunting naked woman with a paintball gun. There are over 30 nude women ready to be chased down and shot like dogs. You can actually hunt one of their Bambi babes and shoot her with paintballs while they film the whole thing and tape it for your own home video. Pathetic is what I say. I'm not sure who needs a bigger kick in the butt. The hunter paying $10,000 dollars for this trip or the woman who would volunteer for this. All this while making a ton of money for a couple of guys. Only in America.

hunt-transtrophymount.jpg - 8387 Bytes

lighter side of the internet: illfuckinghostit.com - just as they say, they'll fucking host it!
Basketball juggling - short video to watch
Orgasmic Washing Machine - gotta watch this video. An actual television ad where the woman is having an orgasim with her washing machine, but try and guess what product they are selling
VIDEO: ferrari video, better with sound!

07.15.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 10:43 pm
Copied from the HL-Elite.com forum, posted by [LMS]007 - Jul 13 2003, 05:45 PM

HLE ver 0.95 OUT NOW, download required! its only 900k

This patch is required by all clients and all servers.

I fixed a few very minor bugs and I added a few commands because of a game I was in. Chief was serving, but he was AFK and only he could remove himself from the play queue, so I added a server which admins can directly use to remove players and emit players into a match or play queue; and clients can call a vote for these commands.

admins can now control which teams players go to also using the emit command. Read below...

changes since 0.94:

new client commands
“ejectme” removes yourself from the play queue, you will no longer spawn in round modes and you will no longer be playing in a match in a team mode

“emitme” calls a vote to emit self into a match for teammodes

new server commands
“eject” forces a client to be removed from any matches or round modes queue. example "eject 5"
“emit” forces a client to be emitted back into a match or a round mode queue and forces them to join a team, if no team name is given then they will be on the last team they joined. example: "emit 5 red"

you may also vote for players to be ejected and emitted too, just like all other votes they work with vote.cfg clients may call this vote is allowed by vote.cfg
"vote eject 5"
"vote emit 5" note that you can not vote to change a players team, if you specify a teamname it will be omitted

extinct client commands
“break” this was replaced with “ejectme”

other changes
default crosshairs are valve if you do not have the crosshairs your target has while in spectator eye mode.
observer eye mode hud color fixed, this had to do with values below 0 vote text disappearing when you spawn, this is fixed
spectators have a flag in scoreboard in ctf mode, spectators were drawn with a flag next to there name, this is fixed
vadmin remove players by wonid fixed, you can do this now.

0.95 Patch 876k
0.95 Full 16.5mb

07.15.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:04 pm
Our run in the 5th Perseverance of Triality tournament has come to an end. We had a great run this time around entering two squads. Hats off to both teams as they fought a difficult schedule and few new maps for this tournament. Thank you everyone for your hard work and all your help throughout. Depending on when HL2 hits and what format Dank will run his next tournament, DADS will be there.

--=::[ results from our playoff matches ]::=--
June 23 - tiebreaker - dads1 - fawo - mg
June 29 - round 1 - di.1 - dads1 - cD
July 6 - quarter finals - dpc - di.1 - dads1

Nem has updated/added a bunch of WON ID's and names to di.silvers in-game WON ID checker. I don't have a permanent link on the website at the moment. Until I do you can use this link: In-game WON ID checker. Instructions on how to install are in the readme.txt file. And a great big thanks to di.silver for all his work into the list he has created. Thanks!

07.01.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:33 pm
matrix-code.gif - 7201 Bytesmatrix-code.gif - 7201 Bytesmatrix-code.gif - 7201 Bytesmatrix-code.gif - 7201 Bytes

Well now I've done it. I finally made it to see the latest and greatest Warner Brothers Movie, Matrix: Reloaded. I must say that I was not let down in the least. Certainly thought it was well done and fit in with the original movie. I found myself laughing at some of the scenes. The sound was awesome, when Neo is fighting the 100 Agent Smith's and spinning the hollow pipe around, you could hear the sound of the pipe as it spun around the theater. I was laughing at how Agent Smith's clones were being flung around like a rag doll. They were so, ummm, funny how they moved. Granted very life-like and I know I shouldn't have been laughing, but it was a movie.

Of course, as I expected the movie came to an end at a critical moment and left me wanting to see the final chapter this November. Good move on Warner Brothers part to get the most money out of us as the can with this story. It should be a good one. Hopefully you stayed to the end of the credits to see the sneak peak at the next movie? You didn't did you....darn it for you. Enter me. I have it here for you. Or something close to what I saw in the theater. Enjoy!

matrix-images_23.jpg - 7252 Bytes
Sneak Peak Revolutions Trailer - 13.3 MB

Found a couple of decent Matrix forums that may have some good info on them if your looking for more:

MatrixReloaded.com - Hardcore Matrix Fan Club
MatrixFan Forums - from MatrixFans.com

This I couldn't pass up. I saw it a few weeks ago before I made it out to see the movie. I didn't quite understand some of the scences and the new charaters, but it makes more sence now to me.

mtvmatrixreload.gif - 6089 Bytes
Matrix Reloaded Parody - 24.7 MB

06.22.2003 - Posted By: ShortArmGuy - 7:29 pm
An amazing thing happened to ShortArmGuy this week. After featuring the hot new pop singers T.A.T.U. on his website last week, the girls found out about ShortArmGuy. They invited him to attend one of their concerts and backstage after the show. After only a few minutes of talking with one another, the gals asked ShortArmGuy to "join their group". Which makes a bunch of sense because, as we all know, ShortArmGuy really has a way with 18 year old, Russian, Lesbian, Rock Stars!

click for website

Crazy Internet Videos:
Sue Johanson's Oral Sex Tips - oh boy! these tips are for the ladies
Virgin Mobile Ad Uncut - it's dang funny! worth the DL.
Woo Woo Muffler - the video is funny as heck and a very sad product

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