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03.24.2003 ~|~ supporting the war on terror
Monday, 10:46 PM - by s|inger:

A mysterious Iraqi who calls himself Salam Pax, writing a Web log from the heart of Baghdad, has developed a large Internet following with his wry accounts of daily life in a city under U.S. bombardment.

LA Times: Democrats Vote "NO" on Resolution Supporting Troops
NY Post: Shameful! Oscars Turn To Bush-Bash
With arms and white flags raised, Iraqis surrender – even to journalists
Son of Saddam - Odai Hussein Brutal to Iraqis, Behind Torture of U.S. Prisoners
Second N.Y. Terror Suspect Pleads Guilty

03.23.2003 ~|~ dml2 playoff loss
Sunday, 9:47 PM - by s|inger: Nasty comments, racial slurs and snide remarks aid the RSI victory in the DML2 playoffs. All with a 12 year old present. Very shamefull. Yup, you guys certainly are on your way of changing your image. NOT! Don't ever question why people think RSI is a bunch of low lifes. Just look in the mirror and recall YOUR actions in the playoff match tonight. If that makes you feel like more of a man, so be it.

Some more Iraqi links I've found tonight:
FOX News: 'Huge' Suspected Chemical Weapons Plant Found in Iraq
UPI: U.S.: Iraqis fake surrender, kill Marines
Reuters: Is Saddam dead or alive?
Reuters: Raw video from the war in Iraq

03.22.2003 ~|~ weekend of war and basketball
Saturday, 11:57 PM - by s|inger: I was surpirsed today how little war coverage there was today. I was able to get in a few basketball games here and there. The afternoon games were so much closer than the stud teams that played in the evening. CBS did opt for a war update over a comercial break throughout the day. Which was very surprising to me. From what I can tell, we are advancing quite well on Baghdad and are about to hit some resistence.

SFGate: Golden Gate Bridge fall was 2nd for protester Victim had survived similar '88 plunge
ThisIsLondon: Public rally behind forces - poll
kare11: Thousands Rally in St. Paul for US troops
Pioneer Press: Minnesotans rally to back military
BBC News: Applause as Marines enter Basra
Observer: Special forces in Baghdad as Saddam's armies reel
MSNBC Live Video Feed

03.22.2003 ~|~ bombs rock iraq
Saturday, 12:38 AM - by s|inger: Today was one of those amazing days to watch TV. Seeing a war take shape like it is, just amazing. The technology we have today versus 1991 when we made our first trip over there is almost no comparison.

Just a small update tonight: Fans boo as U.S. national anthem is played
NYTimes: The French Connection - William Safire
BBC News: US and British forces have invaded southern Iraq

03.20.2003 ~|~ air and ground troops advance
Thursday, 10:40 PM - by s|inger: Tough day to be in Iraq right now. Have a few links to post today. Some are humorous to shed some humor on the war.

The Mirror: FRENCH DISSING IN THE U.S.A We don't want it anymore Wipe out the threat of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons
Iraq Body Count - well, someone has to keep track

03.19.2003 ~|~ the start of the iraq war
Wednesday, 21:47 PM - by s|inger: You just had the feeling that something was going to be different this time around. The deadline was 7:00 central and nearly dawn in Iraq. Which would mean they would wait 8-10 hours till night fall? This was not to be the case this evening here [dawn in Iraq]. We still don't know what the "Target of Opportunity" is. We shall find out as the evening or next day progresses.

I wanted to post a few interesting links I found. One for a friend of mine. It list all of the newspapers around the world and can come in handy when you would like to get an opinion that is different from the one sided US newspapers. The information you can learn that is not reported in the US is amazing. As well as the different viewpoints that one never hears. Hope this helps you get some new news: Highly secret terrorist training camp at Salman Pak
MEMRI: Top Iranian Defector On Iran's Collaboration with Iraq, North Korea, Al-Qa'ida, and Hizbullah
BBCNews: Iraq's tortured children
UK Guardian: The Iraqi connection - 11.11.01
See Men Shredded, Then Say You Don't Back War -liberal British MP Ann Clwyd
UK Telegraph: Saddam 'killed missile chief' to thwart UN team
CAABU: Pro-war letter to Tony Blair from Iraqi Exiles in UK
Washington Post: UNSCOM Tracks Terror Weapons
Washington Times: Iraqi Scientist Says Materials for Nuclear Bombs in Hand
UK Times: 14 Years of Torture and Humiliation in Saddam's Jail

“In 1991 Saddam killed 500,000 people when they rose against him. Nobody demonstrated against him then. But now the United States wants to get rid of the dictator, people are demonstrating against it.”
-one of the Iraqi liberation soldiers the U.S. is training at "Camp Freedom" in Hungary

03.19.2003 ~|~ ag 6.22 released
Wednesday, 19:01 PM - by Crawdad:

From BulliT's AG MOD website

2003-03-19: AG 6.2 released

Sorry about version 6.1, it managed to evade 2 weeks of community testing and still came out buggy. Guess I have to start playing myself again :-)
Bugfixes: Some of the cheat code 8 errors we got with 6.1 wasn't true if the dude messed with hl.exe or cstrike.exe. So keep the filenames as supplied by Valve from now on.
Fixed spectator mode crash.
Fixed text in Arena staying on screen for spectators.
Fixed "invalid spectator mode" text on startup cause that confused a lot of peeps.

Download AG 6.2

03.07.2003 ~|~ what a riot
Friday, 11:57 PM - by s|inger: Yesterday, Thursday, was so crazy for me you may not believe it when I tell it to you. I had it all planned out on paper and it should work perfectly if everything was on time as planned.

First of all I must go back to Tuesday. I get this offer from Microsoft to fly to Chicago, on their dime for a question and answer session about their new keyboard and mouse product line as well as the current line. They want me to me there in 2 days. I was confused at first. Why on earth would they want me for this? I shrugged my shoulders and said, what the heck, I'm in. Thursday arives as normal as can be and I fly to Chicago. Flight was smooth as could be. I did have to remove my shoes for security because I had metal shims in my dress shoes. It was the first time I've flown anywhere since the World Trade Center attack. Little nervous, I must admit. It all went fine.

The Microsoft meeting was interesting. Saw their new product line, some of it I liked and they wanted my opinion on what I've been hearing people ask for or what I thought was a trend. It was actually kind of neat to give the top 2 people in their hardware department my opinion on what direction they should be heading into. I basicly told them they are missing the boat when it comes to the gamer market. They are losing out to Logitech big time. Mainly by word of mouth, but they don't offer what Logitech offers to gamers. [same with AMD and Intel]

Look for a couple new product in June and a couple of their current products to go away like the 2 button mouse. Who uses just a 2 button mouse these days?

That part of my day is over now and I'm at O'Hare airport just roaming around because I had 2 hours to kill before my flight. That airport is freakin huge and not to mention busy! I saw the Northwestern Basketball team checking into the airport and some very freaking looking people there as well. Switched boarding gates 2 times while I was there as well. Off I went back to Minnesota and all I could think about was the match with CP-AP on the flight.

Touched down in the Twin Cities airport 5 minutes early, a bonus! Saw the President Bush was speaking about the Iraq Invasion that will be taking place sometime in the future, I'm almost positive of that now. Make my way to my vehicle, make it home just as expected and all is going to plan.

My wife had to be somewhere Thursday evening, so there was a sitter at my home when I arrived home and hour and a half before the match. Drove her to her house and raced back home to get my kids to bed. I'm starting to think it's all gonna work out. 9:10 PM Central time. I turn on my computer and see what's happened through out the day. I made it for the match! But I was dead beat tired and was thinking of having someone play for me. I had a terrible headache and was just wiped out.

I fought it off and decided to play the match we had with the Severian MOD. Yeah, that is correct, back to our roots! Well, it is for the FragFest tournament and we expected to play a few Sev MOD matches. Our first map was Bounce. One thing we forgot was the the Severian players like to have weapon stay ON. which meant when we were up on the sniper ledge, there was no ammo to pick up once you ran out. So it was constant roaming for that match. It was pretty close of a battle with CP-AP who played us tough as expected. We managed to pull off the win on the map we selected with a score of 150 to 118.

Now to the map CP-AP selected, the_yard. Very small map, very fast action. Not a map you want to fall behind on because it would be tough to catch up. Going into the map, we worried about the outcome and thought it wouldn't favor us with the style of play that we would have to play. The map started, just as expected it was killing galore! Blam Blam Blam, spam, Blam! The pase was furious and then it happened. Sticker's connection went wacko and finally he totally dropped from the server! At that point we had a narrow lead suprisingly. We expected him to return shortly, but after a few minutes passed, it was not the case. His internet connection went dead and we played the rest of the match with 2 players to their 3.

This was not good to be out numbered in a Severian MOD match. Then something really went wrong, even worser than Sticker losing connection. This guy named Slinger went on one hell of a killing spree for DADS and was almost pulling off a short-handed victory. We had the 20 frags from Sticker when he dropped, plus the shotty weilding freak and a 2 frag lead. There was packs everywhere on that map. You'd run over an empty RPG pack and get caught with your pants down trying to fire it without a shell in it. We lost the lead when we got to about 100 kills [plus the 20].

You would have thought Slinger was in high gear already, this was not to be the case. He picked up an additional shotgun for the other hand and was firing off shotgun kills 2 at a time. You tell me how he did that one. We hit 131 kills and the match was over. Slinger's keyboard and mouse both had smoke pouring out from it. What can I say about Slinger's score? He's not really sure how he managed to get half of the team kills for this one. He and the entire DADS clan were speachless. Except for Crawdad, he had this to say and I quote "He carried DADS to a Victory in the second map, The_Yard. The super shotty sev's clan killing bastard accounted for half our team kills. Sticker lagged out and while I hid behind a crate, Slinger went postal and took on the whole team (to be honest he kinda scared me) I stayed hidden partly in fear of upseting Slinger the shotty weilding psycho more, and partly because it was simply an honor to watch out Leader just work them." End Quote.

This from [CP-AP]VIP_Viper_00, who was on the wrong end of Slinger's shotgun, "the score might show differently, but you guys kept us on our toes the whole time and even in the_yard, it was like there were 5 of you out there when there was only 2."

Is it possible for Slinger to have three arms with a shotgun in each hand? That could explain it all, I surely cannot. Our first Severian MOD victory in over 2 years.

-[ Bounce Screen Shot ]-
-[ The_Yard Screen Shot ]-

03.01.2003 ~|~ the fun of the internet
Friday, 12:13 AM - by s|inger: I know what your thinking about all this internet stuff. You'll never be able to see it all. I have thee solution for that. You can now download the entire internet to your hard drive. There is some major compression with this download. Enjoy! Ahhh, heck....I know what we all really shoud do instead of downloading the entire internet. Let's turn off the internet. No really, let's turn the dang thing off and see if we can make it through the night!

One thing I miss from when I was growing up would be the early video games. One of my top 10 games to play was Joust. Flap flap flap screeeech, walk walk flap flap, I got the egg! Okay, just not the same in a text message. If your a fan of that video game, you've got to head to this on line version to play some Joust! It's just like the arcade. It's probably the actual ROM that is used in the real game but with a shockwave engine I would guess. The other day I passed on this link called Reflections to a couple of college students. They were totally hooked on the game that night and got mad it me cuz I took them away from their studies. It's quite the challenge. I am still stuck on level 10 I believe. Give it a try, it's different from the shoot em up games, you have to use your mind to solve this one.

02.28.2003 ~|~ end of the short month
Friday, 12:21 AM - by s|inger: Been a strange month for us in the match department. We've had tons of clan matches as usual, but we dropped quite a few of them at the beginning of the month but finished very strong. We did get one of our old members back with us for another run. Sticker! Good too see you back with us.

Three matches a week is starting to be the norm for us lately. We've played 2 of our 3 scheduled matches so far this week. Our DML2 match was first up. This week was a bit different from the normal 3 vs 3 match. It was a PoT style match or 3 vs 3 vs 3. The map was 'Cabrito' What a fun map to play on with 3 teams. It's a very large map with 4 main areas, but they are all close enough to each other that you can still rack up lots of kills. Our 2 opponents were faB5* and [am]. The only bad thing I can say about the match was we never practiced the map once and had no idea how to play the map. With that said, we did manage to claim 2nd in the map with faB5* taking first. It was one of the funnest matches I've played in for quite some time now.

-[ Cabrito Screen Shot ]-

The next evening was our match for FragFest 2003. XTPA was who we matched up against for the match and we were all a bit nervous to play them. I know many clans dislike them for whatever reason. Everything was good as could be with our encounter with them. We played their map first, Stalkyard. They are very good at this map. I've watched them play via HLTV in the past and they have great team work throughout. However, this was not to be their day. We jumped to a very small lead, 4 or 5 frags and hung on to that lead by the time we got to 150 frags. We won by about 10 frags in the end, but very close match.

Next was our map. Now normally I would have picked crossfire for our map, but being as they picked Stalkyard first, I had a hunch that we might be in trouble if I picked crossfire. So I took a gamble and went with Datacore. I must say, I am so glad I picked datacore. We won the map by almost 50 frags and they were not in this one from the start of the match. Hats off to my team! Thanks guys for an incredible win for us.

-[ Stalkyard ]-
-[ Datacore ]-

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