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05.26.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:13 am
Been a slow week for news having a holiday weekend upon us. Why I'm sitting here updating I will never know. The Perseverance of Triality individual matches contine on for Week 6 as scheduled while the team matches will pick up again starting Sunday, June 1st. Week 6 map is Moss, which was played for week 8 in the last Perseverance of Triality tournament.

Congrats goes out to QuickSilver. He has been out of town for a track meet at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY running NCAA Division 3 Men's Outdoor track nationals. In He qualified in the 4x100 and the open 400. His results:

4x100 Meter Relay
400 Meter Dash

Found a few more Half-Life 2 websites to add to my list when I redesign the website. Wanted to post them so I can find them again and to see how many of them will last between now and the release date of HL2 which is September 30th: The lighter side of the internet:
Matrix Keanu Reeves Autographed Underwear - Happy Bidding!
50ft tall woamn with visible organs - remind me to go to LA for this one
Hot or Not? - you be the judge
Hot or Not? - no wait, man or woman?
Dental Cam II - Dang! No one is here on a holiday
Mega Big Mac - I could eat this in a month
Introducing the i4 - Sleepless Knights Media
Air Safety - at it's finest hours
Talking Online - it works, but turn your sound up

05.23.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:36 pm
I submitted 2 of my wallpapers [posted below] to a couple websites this week. One of the websites was kind enough to post them in their wallpaper section as well as have a mention in their news section. You can see them for yourself over on City17. They were also holding a contest for creating a 88x31 link button. I'm sad to say my submission was not picked as the winning button. Ah well, I'm happy with it. They wanted something similar to the format of their website. Perhaps it was too similar? Here is what I sent to them:

city17-88x31.gif - 3034 Bytes

I was going to post the winning button, but I see it has been removed. Oh well. Congrats to the winnner. Ya know, I can always use my button on this website for a link to them :D

So I'm looking at the stats page for my good friend Simply amazing I must say. His site has been getting bombarded with hits the past couple weeks. Why you ask? He's been doing weekly updates of some of the prime time television shows. Mainly Survivor and American Idol. I had planned on doing some write ups of the nights events for Survivor, but never got started on it. Looking at the success of his website, I will have to do this for Survivor 7. After all, my wife and I have been fans of the show since the first Survivor.

But here is the part that cracks me up about the stats from I'm looking at the most commen words or phrases that are used to find his site in the search engines. They basically are these:

jenna morasca nude or naked
kimberly caldwell nude or naked
heidi strobel nude or naked
clay aiken nude or naked
clay aiken gay

and of course: Survivor, American Idol and Girls of Survivor

It just cracks me up that those are the most used words or phrases to find his site.

Well, we have a long weekend upon us with Memorial Day a couple days away. We have many people out of town this week so I'm sure it will be a slow weekend for us. I'm hoping to get my new PC up and running, my case painted finally. Since the weather is nice once again and I can paint it outdoors, odds are it will be a completed case in the not so distant future.

The lighter side of the internet:
Topless House Cleaning - guess whats available in my neighborhood! We are finally getting a house cleaner!
Best Monitor - 5 over 5 LCD Monster!
PC 12v Cigarette Lighter - someone was looking for this and I cannot recall who. If it was you, this is what you need
Chasm - not sure if this game is fun or not
Don't Support Traitors - A little late for this, but still a good read if you disliked the smack talk about the war.
Doom Funnel Chasers - this game is addicting to play for a while
Memory Core - maybe this one is more addicting and very tough to beat
Windows Service Pack Info - whats released in the up coming service packs
Zero Sex Life - if this is anyone in DADS, your outta the group!
20 Questions - give it a try. It's very good at guessing
MonoCycle - OMG! This looks so cool
Spiky Bras - Would you wear this under a shirt?

05.19.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 10:24 pm
I've created a couple of wallpapers with a Half-Life 2 theme. I wanted something with a plain background and nothing too busy. I made one with the DADS clan tag on it. A second version with 'Half-Life' in place of DADS. Finally a third wallpaper was created with a variation of the original by removing and adding a character.

Did quite a bit of editing and brushing in some of the characters. I removed the patch on the back of the shooting guard and there was a railing that went through his legs on the original photo that had to be drawn back into the photo. I'm quite happy with the results and I may make a few more of them over the next few weeks. Here they are:

I found a couple more HL2 sites to add to the newly created Half-Life 2 websites. I stumbled arcoss some in different languages, but I'm not sure if I'll post them here or not:

  • HL2 World - premiere destination for HL2's multiplayer community
  • HLgaming - one game, years of entertainment

05.17.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 10:56 am
Hang on to your hats folks, we have ourselves a new version of Half-Life 2 coming soon. The estimated date is September 30. Is that date firm? Not sure at this point, but I don't see much to dispute that claim. I've seen a site or 2 that say it's coming out in November, but the big named sites have September 30 as their date still so I will side with them.

Will there be a HL2 [DADS] clan? The answer is: YES! Most likely we will have 2 divisions for a while and see how the HL community developes into the new multiplayer half-life 2 game. The screenshots are amazing, the game play is outstanding, new weapons are wicked. The entire game looks exciting from the snips of videos I have seen of the in game play.

My goal between now and the release of Half-Life 2 is to revamp the entire website. Create one starting page with the [DADS] news and information, then branch off into seperate websites for each division of DADS. Currently we have half-life, counter-strike, and half-life 2. The counter-strike division of DADS is only about 3 days old at the moment.

I have found a couple websites that are dedicated to half-life 2 or have a ton of info about it. I'll post more when I find them, but here is what I have at the moment: Wanted to post some of the info I found over at City 17. It's the facts that they have posted about the upcoming release of Half-Life2. It has tons of info and they have done an excelent job and give them all the credit for this list of HL2 facts:

Facts (rumors) About Half-Life 2:
- Every character in the game will have a slightly unique face, so say good-bye to the five scientists scattered all over Black Mesa in the first game.
- Action will take place in a wider variety of environments than Half-Life, including wide-open outdoor spaces, cities, an ocean liner, a decrepit prison, and a dried-out seabed.
- You'll hit the ground running—there won't be a long introductory sequence when you start the game.
- All objects in the game world are affected by the physics.
- Movement speed of Half-Life will be retained.
- Drivable vehicles will be in both single- and multi-player.
- Engine technology scales are based on your system specs.
- Known locations: City17 in east Europe, a harbor, a jail, the suburbs, a dried up ocean, an icebreaker (large ship).
- Multi-player is important and multiple game modes will be supported.
- Coming out before Christmas 2003 is "certain."
- The editor is called "Hammer" and will be included. It sounds like a complete development environment for maps, MODs etc.
- Team Fortress 2 will be using the Half-Life 2 engine, once they decided to use the Half-Life 2 engine, Valve stopped giving information, as they didn't want to blow anything relating to it. Team Fortress 2 will "arrive soon".
- Half-Life 2 will be exclusively on the PC.
- Massive single-player linear storyline composed of 12 chapters, each with a rough estimated length of three to four hours, providing a minimum of 36 hours playtime.
- Half-Life 2 is powered by Valve's proprietary Source engine.
- The engine has been improved to render large outdoor scenes convincingly.
- Source's physics engine is a modified version of Havok, which is the physics engine a the heart of Deus Ex: Invisible War.
- All levels will also be broken into smaller chunks to make load times short, much like the original.
- Female character is not playable.
- Same author of story as the first Half-Life.
- Interactive scripted scenes.
- Barney and the G-Man both get face lifts of sorts.
- There will be a Half-Life 3.
- Half-Life 2 comes out September 30th.
- The Plot: There is a new alien invasion and some of the Xen aliens are now your allies.
- The game takes place in an Eastern European city.
- The game supposedly will be able to run on a DX6-compatible TNT card.
- Mentions a more "robust" MOD making experience.
- Improved in-game physics.
- Half-Life 2 is scheduled for a September 30th release.
- Yes, you're still Gordon Freeman, and yes, the story assumes you went to work for the G-Man.
- Half-Life 2 takes place in a European city called "City 17."
- Headcrabs will be back! Although some of the Xen aliens will be your friends?
- Barney is back. And so is Half-Life's original writer, Marc Laidlaw.
- While the new engine has all sorts of fancy features, it's still designed to work on lower-end machines. Apparently a 700mhz processor and a video card capable of running Direct X 6 is enough, although a 2GHz with a GeForce 4 is recommended.
- The girl in the promotional art is named Alyx, the daughter of a scientist who factors into the story somehow. She's not playable.
- Scripted Sequences will be more interactive.
- Half-Life 3 is planned, so expect another "cliffhanger" ending.


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