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09.29.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:03 pm
Survivor: Pearl Island - Episode Two
Poor Skinny Ryan Shoulders was duped and voted off the Island by his tribe mates. He knew he was to be the next cataway voted off until Osten Taylor approached him and asked for himself to be voted off the Island, he was done. Now Osten, who had the athletic body of a college football running back, ran around the sixth day asking everyone in the tribe to vote him off. He was worried about his body condition, hypothermia because it gets cold there at night, and just unable to cope with the reality of where he was living. Pfft! I say! Sadly he was forced to stay in the game and Ryan was the second person voted out. Osten needs to go next.

There were some good parts of the show this week. A crazy incident happened when Shawn Cohen went out spear fishing instead of Rupert Boneham, my favorite so far. Shawn was told to watch the spear because it is possible for it to fall off if you don't check to make sure it was tightly fastened. Sure enough it was lost and the CBS camera crew had the underwater shot of the spear being dragged behind Shawn. [Hats off to the camera crew, they are always there with that critical evidence shot just when you need too see something, no matter how small] Once Rupert realized the spear tip had been lost, he went into a near panic. The fish has been his main source of food, as well as everyone elses. Rupert is by no means a small guy. He is very big and is used to plenty of food. Not sure how long Rupert was in the water, but doing your standard grid pattern in the entire bay waters, he was able to find the lost spear saving Shawn's hide.

Not much in the way of nudity in this weeks show. Unlike last week's episode where we saw three of the castaways naked. This week was a bit more tamer showing only a couple edited butt cracks. Still only on the male players, which is nice for the ladies to see.

Looking forward to next weeks episode where Jon Dalton and Sandra Diaz-Twine get into a heated battle. Another item is lost that is critical to a tribes surival and Osten is still crying to go home, plus who knows what else. It's been a great first two shows and I'm looking forward to more.

09.18.2003 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:59 pm
Survivor: Pearl Island - Episode One
So much to talk about I don't know where to begin. We have Half-Life 2 with a scheduled release date of September 30. Will it be released as planned? Stay tuned. We have many new faces in DADS. Shadow, Sage, Paladian, Silver, Urban It's amazing where all of the people in DADS have come from lately. We've had a few matches over the summer since the finish of the Perseverence of Triality tournament came to a very strange ending. I'm finally working on a new website design. It'll be a similar format, but with revamped graphics and colors. Plus it'll have a HL2 feel to it. The big question is how will the multiplayer play online? or will it be released with HL2 on September 30?

To change subjects here, one of them reality shows started back up for their seventh running. Survivor!! yeah yeah yeah, before you think I'm a reality show junkie, keep in mind this is the only one of those types of shows that I watch. It was the orginal reality show and my wife and I try to watch every episode. The first episode started out like no other and it was an awesome idea. They gave each of the two tribes some money, sent them into the village and they had to buy/trade/steal whatever they could get their hands on. Plus hire someone to give them and their gear a lift to where they will stay for 39 days [if they make it that far].

This was also the first time that I can recall where both tribes had a shelter and fire made on the first day in to their campsite. Since they were able to buy something to start a fire, we didn't get to see the 5-10 minutes of each tribe rubbing sticks together, someone getting blisters and failing time after time to get it started. Neither of the tribes were able to bring their clothes that they had expected to wear on the island. They were duped into wearing what they had on at the time, nice three piece suit, dresses, skirts, boy scout uniform oddly enough. Rupert, the ZZ Top like bearded fellow had on some jeans that were rubbing his legs raw as he put it. While of the the ladies dresses, I can't recall who, was so long, they cut the bottom off and made a dress for Rupert to wear. What a site.

No no, it gets better. Back in Panama City, one of the guys, Osten, sold the clothes on his back. He sold everything but his 3/4 length underwear, just to get more supplies. That's dedication. Unfortunately, the elastic in the undershorts was pretty worn out. Thus you got to see plenty of blured out butt crack scences. If that wasn't enough, during the first challenge, Osten told Andrew and Ryan O. that if his underwear started to fall down he was taking them off. Andrew and Ryan both said back that they would remove thiers as well so he wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Sure enough, we had three naked guys, with their shoes on running around pushing and pulling a very heavy battle cannon. First to leave the island was Nicole Delma.

Way to start the new season off with a bang guys. They had me and my wife laughing for most of the show.

It's been about a month and a half since I last updated, so I have many, many links to post today. Here they are, my Mega Links update. [and bare with me if some of these are old]: - crazy idea for a site.
Live Nude Cats - I really just wanna post the word "NUDE" to get hits.
Oh my eyes! - this is some photo and hurts my eyes!
Obscure Sexual Terms - yep, just as it sounds. Catch up on what is really being said
vindjehetergalsikinjegezicht - just watch and growl along
Sensus Challenge - Take the test and post your scores in the forum
My Date With Drew - Found this site last month, I need to see what's been happening
The Mootrix - Great work on this spoof video
Half-Life 2 a HOAX! - I know it's old, but I wanted to post it - I'm hip y'all, I'm hip y'all, word to your mother bro
Internet History - See in the early days LyricsDOT - great music lyrics site search - you are really screwed now
Cloud Atlas - just a site on cloud formations
Lapdance Island - Someone get on the show! It can be you!
Neil Armstrong - The awful truth you never knew happened
Computer Stupidities - I'm have some content to add to this website
Ocean sponge bests man-made fiber optics - - just interesting to read

The best is for last....This guy is amazing. Just watch and ponder that this is really only a person doing this: The Human Beat Box

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