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Misfitz Of SOF2

07.15.2004 - Posted By: s|inger - 9:37 pm
Posted at

Playoff matches for Sunday 07/18!! - By Bryan

The 3v3v3 has reached the Semifinals with a blockbuster matchup between dPc, fawo and ONE. The top 2 in that match will advance to the championship final! The semifinal map for the 3v3v3 will be DataX, made by [TAG]Hench. For those who plan to watch in HLTV, make sure to download the map in advance!

The 1v1v1 has reached the Quarterfinals and we have 3 big matches set for Sunday night. . The quarterfinal map for the 1v1v1 will be Lemon, also made by [TAG]Hench. For those who plan to watch in HLTV, make sure to download this map in advance as well!

Check the Teamplay Schedule and Individual Schedule Calendars for a listing of this week's playoff matches.

HLTV should be packed so get in early!

TournamentGamer TV
Password = onlyus

07.08.2004 - Posted By: s|inger - 09:37 pm
The official word from Valve's CEO, Gabe Newell [you know, the company who wrote Half-Life] is, and I quote, "HL-2, we're looking to RC at the end of the month."

I'm quoting this news from Mr. Newell himself. Direct from the forum that we host on this website. Yes, Gabe Newell is forum member number 187. When I first saw the account name, I figured someone was playing a playful joke on us. However, after running an WHOIS search on the IP address of the account, my jaw dropped. It was registered to none other than Valve Software.

gabe-newell-sm.gif - 20074 Bytes
So why on earth would he come and visit this website forum? After all, [DADS] is not part of the CS community. We are stuck in the old school HL Death Match side of the game. We've been a clan since July 2001 and have made quite a name for ourselves over the years. No, not all of us in [DADS] are, I would say about 75% of us have children. That was the make up of the clan when we first grouped together for our first clan match.

I wanna give a high five to Veive for getting us noticed.[I'm too old to give "props", I give "high fives"] It all started from an email that was sent to him with Gabe's email address as the sender for not logging into his STEAM account for a month or so. Veive had a conversation with a friend, he mentioned the email and it turned into a "where is HL2" conversation. The idea was to send that very conversation to Gabe as it was a very amusing conversation. In the email from Veive was a foot note about Gabe being a man of the people and if it was true, he could post on our forum. Sure enough, it got his attention and he has made a stop or two here over the past couple days. Hat's off to ya once again Veive.

Click here to read Gabe's post in our forum

Mark your calendars on Saturday, July 17, 2004. My good friend Todd aka: ShortArmGuy will make an appearance live on stage, downtown Minneapolis and the ACME Comedy Company. I have two seats reserved for me and my wifey. There is a main act, which Short Arm Guy is not. Least not yet. He will be part of the warm up act. Can't wait for the show and here is some of Short Arm Guy's comedy act. It's about a 10 minute video from various performances he has done in the past. The file is a bit large, so you might want to right click and save. Then watch it once it completes....

Short Arm Guy comedy bit [9.27 mb]

sagflags.jpg - 38000 Bytes

Wanted to welcome two more affiliates to the website. Campers and Both sites offer a great website layout and content. Plus the latest Half-Life 2 news when something new surfaces [hint, hint....Gabe posted in the DADS forum....see above] Thanks guys for the link back and keep up the good looking sites.

The lighter side of the Internet:
Remember the Ebay wedding dress guy? It turns out that the winning bidder of the dress was a scam. The guy still has the dress and it was up for sale again on ebay with a higher starting bid. The new ebay ad. Not one bidder this time around. Too high of a starting bid or he didn't get the publicity this time around like the last. Go visit his official website:

Earth's magnetic field reverses every few thousand years at low latitudes and every 10,000 years at high latitudes - Huh? just go read it....
Web Economy Bullshit Generator - extend leading-edge paradigms. okay?
EZ-Bake oven for your computer - found over at
Car lighter/cup holder for your PC - found over at Thermatake
Virtual Apple - All your old favorite Apple IIe games
Multi Player Cheats - go get em tiger!

05.18.2004 - Posted By: m4trix - 11:46 am
come read more rants like this at forums.

I always find hosting sites humorous though. Go to the "about us" section on any of them and they all read virtually the same. Even those owned by these little 10 y/o kids say the same types of things. I doubt they even know what half the stuff means.

ALL hosting is "cost-effective" according to their sites, and all hosting is "reliable and secure"

While on this rant - why is it that all e-business projects are "solutions"? Everything is a solution online. "We provide innovative high tech solutions for your business" - solutions to what? 4 is the solution to 2 + 2. A piece of software, windows for example is not a fucking solution. it is a piece of software that runs computers. that's ALL it is. What is it the "solution" to though? the problem of not having an OS? HA! don't make me laugh. that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Rather then call it a "solution" why don't they call it what it is. Do they really think that it makes them look smarter or something?

WTF is going on. Everything is becoming solutions. I am getting sick of that fucking word. I visit a lot of software developer forums, and people are like "yeah, I'm packaging and distributing a new solution for a company I'm working for" WTF is this solution bullshit. call it what it is, a database.

You visit web development company sites, and what do you see? stuff like "High tech solutions for high tech companies" solutions this, solutions that. Even dell now doesn't just sell desktop computers, it sells "desktop solutions" FFS this is getting out of control. I don't know why it bugs me, but it does.

Do you see car dealerships advertising their "mid-size transportation solutions"? NO! because it sounds fucking stupid - so why do it online?

If I go to dell and want to buy a computer, I JUST WANT A FUCKING COMPUTER. I don't want a solution because I don't have a fucking problem to which I NEED a solution.

If someone is making a website for someone, say "I'm making a website for my client" or something like that... not a fucking "SOLUTION".. the same goes for hosting and software and everything else out there.

... wow, I never expected that to come out... whew

05.15.2004 - Posted By: s|inger - 08:37 pm
Wanted to post some Half-Life 2 news. It's been a while since any news that is relavant has come out. It appears the game is completed and is in the final testing phase. But the question is, does Walmart know something that we don't know? Confused? How about July 2 as a release date for Half-Life 2. Walmart is pre-ordering for a July 2 release date.

First off, four HL2 videos that were made by Tamale. I am hosting them for him, so I would say these are exclusive to the DADS website that you will find no where else on the net. Or at least until someone steals them and hosts them on their site.

HL2 Video 1: Head Crab Ownage
HL2 Video 2: zombie killing, barrels, gravity gun and weapons
HL2 Video 3: dune buggy, impressive RPG and tau fun
HL2 Video 4: air surfing! I hope this is a bug

Posted over at Half-Life Radio [5/15]
Gabe Newell: Right now the game is basically complete end to end... and we are bringing in play tester after play tester. We watch them play, we see what sort of style play they use whether their more exploration vs. action and then we make sure the game works for them. So we just keep doing that over and over again. Each time we do a playtest we generate about 100 change items for the game, and then we go back ... until we feel the game is ready to go.

Read the entire article from Gabe Newell.

Posted over at Planet Half-Life: [5/13]
Codename Gordon Available For Preloading: Codename Gordon, a new side scrolling adventure through the Half-Life universe, takes players through dozens of levels inspired by Half-Life and Half-Life 2, challenges players to a slew of puzzles, and showcases many of the familiar creatures in an all new, 2 dimensional playing field is now available for preloading. Created by Nuclearvision Entertainment, Codename Gordon is now available for preloading. You can find it in the top of the Steam Games folder.

Also from Planet Half-Life: [5/13]
Half-Life 2 - 700+ Meg Gameplay Trailer on FilePlanet
IGN/GameSpy have a Hi Res 700+ meg capture of the E3 2004 Half-Life 2 showing in both theaters (total running time: 24:55)! Done once again with love by GSI's own media wiz, Ryan O'Donnell. There really isn't more to say, get it now! This is only on FilePlanet.


Shacknews is reporting this afternoon from E3 that Half-Life 2 multiplayer is Counter-Strike:

Half-Life 2 multiplayer is Counter-Strike on the Source engine and will be available at the same time as when Half-Life 2 ships. Counter-Strike gameplay doesn't seem to have changed much, if at all. Graphics of course, are much improved.

Correction: Shacknews did not report that Half-Life 2 Multi would be Counter-Strike 2, only that it is "Counter-Strike on the Source engine". The email sent to me made this assertion, although the Shacknews post does not.

05.09.2004 - Posted By: s|inger - 11:13 pm
Have a ton of new stuff to post to the website. I've been posting them here and there in the forum, but have not put them all together in the news section of the site. I'm sure you've seen some of these videos and photos. Hopefully some are new to you. Enjoy!

This one is a classic. Watch the little boy run at the bottom of the video. What timing! He shoots he scores [838k.mpeg]

Keeping with the basketball theme. I've watched this one over and over. I still say it has to be the best shot of the century. Heck maybe even of all time. The ball does go into the net, the kid stays in bounds and it counted for two points. Best shot of all time [379k.wmv]

This video comes from [DADS]skills, one of our current clan members. Outside skiing in a t-shirt. What could be better? Skill's put it best "I was tryin to tap it as I went over, and I landed on my hip/ass and elbow, nothing serious but I was just chillin enjoying the snow" Bonk Stack #1 [1.4mb.wmv]

Yet another video from [DADS]skills. This one is a bit more brutal of an ending. Make sure you have your sound up for this one when he lands into the rail. Bonk Stack #2 [637k.wmv]

I've got a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell! I love this SNL skit with Blue Oyster Cult and Bruce Dickenson: I need more cowbell [4.3mb.wmv]

Last video for this update. I'm not sure if this was planned or what. It makes me laugh when I watch this girl fall on her chest/chin. It looks like it hurts, but oh it is funny: tredmill spill [1.7mb.mpeg]

For you Nickleback fans. Not sure where I got this from, but what happens when you release two songs with similar melodies and you play them at the same time? I'd like to give credit to whomever created this music file. The two songs are "How You Remind Me" and "Someday" Listen carefully and enjoy: How You Remind Me Of Someday [3.6mb.mp3]

Wont say what company it was, but their name begins with a U and ends with an S. Any way, they refused to deliver it to our customer and returned it to us and offered to pay for the product. First time that has ever happened without us having to fight them for the cost of the damaged parts....we finally got the box returned to us, opened up the package and wow is all I could say when I saw the damaged that was done to this case. We have been trying to figure out just what they did, the damage was intense. the force that was applied to do this ammount of damage.

The side panel was torn off and folded back upon itself [not pictured]. The motherboard, look at how much the board has curved. The screw to hold it in place is still there. The I/O shield is completed gone and tucked up by the front case fan. the video card, ripped from the motherboad, yet still held in place by the screw and the back slot ports. The curve of the motherboard, yet the CPU fan is still attached. Memory looks intact. The hard drives, sadly the two hard drives in the photo are 10,000 RPM 36 Gig drives set up with onboard RAID [mirrored] Only one of the SATA cables is not attached surprisingly. And if you look closely, I forgot to cut one of the zip ties used to bundle the power supply cables.

The photos do not do the damage juctice, but it'll give you a good idea of what it looks like in person. Enjoy!

Damaged PC photo 1 | Damaged PC photo 2 | Damaged PC photo 3
Damaged PC photo 4 | Damaged PC photo 5 | Damaged PC photo 6

04.28.2004 - Posted By: s|inger - 10:37 pm
Yeah, the month of April is nearly over, have a ton of stuff to post today. Well, actually for some time now, but you know how it is with the weather when it gets warmer, outdoors more and more, doing yard work. After all, I live in Minnesota and we only get to be outdoors about 5 months out of the year. So I take advantage when I can.

Any know how you walk into a room and you only hear part of a conversation and sometimes your way off on what the conversation was really about when it turns out to be something completly different. Well, the other day I'm at work. It's the middle of the afternoon and I had to make a pitstop in the restroom like any normal person does while at work. I finish my business, wash my hands with soap and water. I dry them off with two paper towels and as I leave the restroom, I usually use the towels to open the door handle because frankly, some of the other guys I work with are slobs. Don't wash their hands and are always sick. Go figure!

So I make my way out of the restroom and head back to my work area. I have to pass the girl who works at the front desk and answers the phones. I usually say hello to her in passing, but this trip she was talking to someone in mid-conversation on the phone. This is where I picked up in the middle of the conversation. Let me back up a few steps here. Guys can have such a play on words when they hear them. You ladies don't know how tough it is not to laugh at some of the things you say that relate to sex in any manner. If there is a way to bring it back to sex, those thoughts just pop in there. Sometimes they are inocent thoughts, sometimes they are very nasty thoughts.

So with that in mind, let's roll forward to the part where I picked up on her conversation. As I pass by her desk I hear her talking to a customer and I had to stop walking. My eyes got wide eyed, my mind started racing and I turned around and gave her this look of "what the hell are you talking about"!?!?! So what was she saying you're asking. Okay, what she is saying to the person on the phone is this"....go around to the back side, when your there, just come in the back door..."

I mean come on ladies, do you really expect us guys to not take that sentence the wrong way? Seriously, I had to ask her what she was talking about and yes, it was directions to the 'Will Call' door, which is loacted in the back of the building, you have to walk in the door marked 'Will Call'. I had to tell her what it really sounded like she could have been talking about. Thankfully she got a good laugh out of it. Whew. Then she said that she would probably still give directions in that manner to the guys so she can flirt with them without them knowing she was flirting...crazy girl she is.

The fun side of the internet:
Besta hljómsveit ķ heimi (mišaš viš stęrš) - not sure what it says, but this video has one horney guy! It's work safe, trust me!
Meme Tree - Link this page and grow your own tree!?
Penguin Game - I know it's been around, but the game is fun!
Globulos - fun addiction game to play. You may have to wait a few minutes to get another opponent, but worth the time once you find some one to play with. - obviously a joke, but a funny read.
Buy Jules Winnfield's wallet - yes, it's the one that says "Bad Mother Fucker" on it
Flatulence Deodorizer - Take Back Your Life Again! No Need to Remain Trapped in Your Home! Ummmm, no. This is just wrong in every way.
DigiBarn - for us computer geeks. A step back in time to the good old days of computers
Fontifier Font Service - Fontifier lets you use your own handwriting for the text you write on your computer. Awesome, there is a small fee, but a good resource if you need it someday.
Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow - What do you mean, an African or European Swallow? In case you ever wanted to know the answer. This site breaks it all down and is a very interesting read.
Sex Contract - This site makes it quick and easy to generate a sex consent form, detailing what you and your partner are willing, and not willing, to do....crazy!
A Break-up letter Generator - when the sex contract falls apart, use this break up letter generator, fill in the form and your letter is printed.
Super Jump - the further you go, the further the girls go [NSFW]
Sexual Terms - Dictionary of Obscure Sexual Terms. It's all text terms and no photos, but you probably don't wanna be looking at this at work either
THIS GUY SUCKS - hahaha, fuck you buddy! Someone is really pissed at this fella! - A guide to the geek in need of style and the stylish in need of geek. whatever....
datapimp - email with attitude. Sign up for a free email address with a rude extension, but I would guess you would get some spam mail from this outfit. use caution.
The latest BMW - oh baby yeah!
Urban Dictionary - not sure what term means exactly? look it up here

04.04.2004 - Posted By: s|inger - 5:37 pm
Posted over at about the 2004 Final Four Office Pool Men's Basketball Tournament

Georgia Tech defeats Oklahoma State with a last second shot in the first game on Saturday evening. Then in the late game, UConn makes a huge comeback in the second half to knock off Duke. Both games, very fun to watch. Very close: 67-65 and 79-78 respectfully. So the final game of the 2004 Final Four March Madness tournament will be played on Monday evening, April 5 starting at 9:18 Eastern. Should be an exciting final game to watch.

As for this years Office Pool, it comes down to two scenarios. So if you want a peak at where you will finish depending on the outcome, have a look at the two game links: UConn over Georgia Tech or Georgia Tech over UConn.

Most people are already out of scoring any additional points in the office pool. Out of 328 people only 62 of them selected Georgia Tech or UConn to even be in the final game of the Final Four. 12 of them have Georgia Tech winning it all. While 40 people have UConn as the 2004 Champions. So the winner of this years office pool will either be from Florida if Georgia Tech wins or my home state of Minnesota of UConn wins!

Final Four Office Pool
March Madness Office Pool
Blank Bracket
Printable Bracket

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