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ICQ #: 73795447
soon to come

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game name: Pink-Eye
real name: Michael
member since: April 2003
born: August 1, 1972
occupation: U.S. ARMY
from: Fort Eustis, Virginia
children: Daughter 7, Son 5

menugaming.gif - 976 Bytes
known aliases: fiddz0r, ToAsT
favorite skins: kain-9, ~OS (See to believe)
favorite maps: Boot_Camp, Rapdicore, Stalkyard, StalkX
favorite weapons: Tau, Shotgun, Xbow

menuhardware.gif - 990 Bytes
connection speed: Cable Modem
system: AMD 1.0 Ghz, 768 PC 133 Ram, GForce 4 Ti 4200 w/128 onboard DDR Memory, SB Live Audigy 2, CDR, CD Rom, DVD, MS Intellimouse Optical, MS Internet Keyboard, 17 " Monitor.