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ICQ #: 152695398
soon to come

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game name: Skills
real name: Henry
member since: April 2003
born: July 10, 1983
occupation: Student
from: Claremont Ca, Bolinas Ca in the summer
children: lil Skills' ages 1, 3, 4, 4, 6 and 7 (lol)

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known aliases: Spazmatic, Freestyle, [loaf]pincher
favorite skins: gman, recon
favorite maps: boot_camp, rapidcore, stalkx, datacore, fortesque, snarkpit
favorite weapons: bees!!!!

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connection speed: 110 ping +/- to every eastcoast server (it varies but is supposed to be T3)
system: Amd athlon 2000+ 1.67 GHz, 256 MB of Ram, ATI Radeon 7500, a pos 17 in monitor, Labtec Elite 835 headphones and Altec Lansing 2.1 system speakers, logitec mouse, keyboard with button for insta calculator!, wrist pad, book for monitor to sit on, mouse pad, photo printer, small penis (if you're still reading this stupid list I'll let you enjoy that joke), lots of cords, Q-tips I put back in Romans box of Q-tips that I use for those hard to reach between key gooey spots