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ICQ #: 74625587

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game name: s|inger
real name: Steve
member since: January 2001
born: May 13, 1969
occupation: Computer Technician
from: Cottage Grove, Minnesota
children: Nathan James [born: 9.24.98]
Allison Maye [born: 6.16.00]

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known aliases: BambooBernie, FuriousGeorge, YouAreSofaKingWeToddDid, 30footSmurf
favorite skins: PsychoAce
favorite maps: Phillak, Metal, First_Arena, Morgoth, Rubble, Scary_2snr
favorite weapon: X-Bow, Tripmine - you don't have to aim with a mine!

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connection speed: Cable Modem
system: Intel Pentium 4 3.0Ghz [800fsb, 512k], Intel D865GBF Dual Channel DDR, 1 GB Memory DDR400 [PC3200], 80 GB WB800JB 8 mb cache HD, 128 MBGeForce4 MX440, Creative Labs 128 Sound