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ICQ #: 92322559

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game name: Sticker
real name: Jesse
member since: June 2002
born: May 12, 1983
occupation: Food Services [hahaha]
from: Topeka, Kansas
children: None Yet (promise to have some in the future)

menugaming.gif - 976 Bytes
known aliases: Squishy, DrowningDuckies
favorite skins: Valve ones
favorite maps: Datacore, Stalkyard, Undertow
favorite weapons: Tau, Shotgun, Xbow

menuhardware.gif - 990 Bytes
connection speed: Cable Modem
system: P4 2.6 ghz w/800 fsb, Asus P4P800 Deluxe, 640 mb Ram, 256 mb ATI 9800 xt, SoundBlaster Audigy2, Viewsonic P95f+ b