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ICQ #: 149691994
soon to come

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game name: Veive
real name: Classified
member since: December 2002
born: i'm 20 [as of April 2003]
occupation: technically I guess I'm a college student
from: San Antonio, TX
children: single single single single single, HAPPY?!

menugaming.gif - 976 Bytes
known aliases: none...oh ok. wahoo. and HusYoDaddy, once
favorite skins: that nympho model.. haven't seen that in ages tho
favorite maps: stalk, cross
favorite weapons: xbow

menuhardware.gif - 990 Bytes
connection speed: T1, non dedicated college line
system: p4 1.8 ghz, 80gb hd, 512 rambus, gf3 64mb