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4.28.2002 | gotta love that new patch
Found a few helpful things on the patch. For those of you that have the white sky problem, Planet Half-Life posted this small utility to automatically fix it. It's 32k in size and assumes you installed your HL into the default directory. Sky Fix Patch

Looks like Tom over at AG-Stats now has CSGaurd working with the patch. From what I'm gathering, the new HL patch has detection for Aimbot and wallhacks so there is no need to do that with CSGaurd now. That part is disabled and all works well. If you need it, head there and download it for your server.

Those of you who use HLSW [Half-Life Server Watch] there is a new update out v0.4.0b. This new HLSW Version should be HL compatible. The BAN list, Won ID database and auto update status feature don't work with the old HLSW version and HL because Valve changed the output of some rcon command. If your not using this program, you may wanna check it out.

Finally, add this line to your autoexec.cfg It rids your console screen from your sight at an accelerated pace:

scr_conspeed "3000" // Console drops quick

4.26.2002 | new member in the group
We have a new addition to the DADS, Clan_Killa, has been added to our active roster. He comes to us via the |AWD| clan and brings us more firepower and teamplay skills. Welcome to the group!

This actualy sports news event took place this past weekend and the photo is the answer to that often asked golf question "Why do women like to play golf?" I believe this is the answer. Saw this sign the other day and I had to do a doubletake when I saw it. This church in my neighborhood had this on their reader board. I bought one of these for the next time on want to take my cat someplace. When -SoundWave- gets married, I'll send him a subscription to this magazine. I'm sure he'll need it.

4.24.2002 | my new hobby - case modifications
I wasn't kidding about getting those lights and gadgets for the inside of my computer. I have some things picked out and I'm working on some ideas for how I want my case to look. You'll have to check out |mg|KillerPX's case. He's in the process of his case modification project. I hope to see more photos as he progresses and completes it.

I found some great photos of more peoples cases. I love the gold and the lepoard case lining on this one. Top view of the same case and note where the power supply is located.

I'm going to be putting in a windows or two in the case. I havn't decided if I want one large plain windows or I want some kinda fancy design like this case has here and here. Another neat window idea.

This is a computer desk! More work than I care to do. There is this chrome dipped case! This rocks, it's a case mod of a 5150...oh whats a 5150? It is the first IBM personal PC. Also called an XT. No wait, take a look with the cover off.

I may go with this case color. Or Dodge viper yellow. Perhaps I'll go with maroon, dark purple or a mustard yellow.

You see how much fun this can be?

2.23.2002 | expected to be released tomorrow
If all goes as planned we will all be updating to the new version on Wednesday. There are quite a few changes and additions. I'll list some of them here related to HLDM. For a complete list of HLDM & CS changes head to CS-Nation.

» Added Anti-Cheat protection
» User Interface redone for HLTV
» Dedicated servers (Win32 + Linux) now default to 32MB heapsize.
» Improved dedicated server FPS (sys_ticrate) accuracy in Windows NT/2K/XP and Linux.
» Enhanced in-game spectator mode to include HLTV features
» Added new first-person mode to spectator modes
» Adjusted pistol accuracy while jumping (all pistols)
» Adjusted player jumping values to minimize bunny hopping
» Changed so when someone mutes a player (in the scoreboard), they will no longer see that player's in-game text messages either
» Added cheering to HLTV.
» Steam beta clients and non-Steam clients can play together on the same server now
» Voice communication uses DirectSound by default now
» Added player ID to Half-Life DM
» Added chat flood protection to HLDM.
Bug Fixes:
» Fixed footstep sounds to correctly play when not walking (fixes fastwalk cheats)
» Fixed uneven movement rate when moving through water
» Fixed bug where you could "kill" the HLTV entity in Half-Life DM.
» Fixed AddIP command.
» Fixed Egon gun beam problem in Half-Life DM.
» Fixed Tau cannon prediction problem.

4.21.2002 | you wanna live in minnesota now punk, do ya?
Looking out my window, what am I seeing? If you guessed snow, you would be right! It's snowing once again in my part of the world. There are not too many places where on April 1st it can be 15 degrees and snow 8 inches. Then on April 15 we have a high temperature of 91 degrees and now, April 21 it is snowing again! Talk about a shock to your system. I'm used to the wacky weather we have here. I know others are not, but you just have to laugh it off and say only in Minnesota can you have weather like this.

We didn't have quite enough for a team last night so I postponed the match with =[xFm]=. My guess is they'll wanna try to reschedule for next Saturday. That is usually the best day for them as far as ping rates go. HusYoDaddy is setting up a match with TSG for next weekend too. So we may just have back to back nights of matches! PDK is also looking for a re-match with us. We played them quite a while ago when we were a shotgun clan. I'm not really sure if they still play the shotgun mod or if they have switched to the standard valve play. I'm hoping they have. One more match in the works is with [ALM]. We did have one scheduled a month or so back but we had to cancel. They have since merged with [vse] or some of the members have merged with them, I'm not 100% on what has happened.

4.19.2002 | HL and CS 1.4 Next Week!
I copied this article from Planet

Valve Software's Doug Lombardi sends word that the next round of Half-Life and Counter-Strike patches will be unleashed to the world next week!

The Steam-administered beta of Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.4 (CS 1.4) is nearing completion, and the final versions of these updates will be released to the public next week.

CS 1.4 introduces several new features to the world's most popular online action game, including new missions (de_chateau, cs_havana), further integration of Valve's spectator technology, and more. The updates also mark the introduction of Valve's anti-cheat network, hosted in partnership with Speakeasy on the ISP's National Broadband Gaming Network (

In addition, this release begins the public migration of Valve's games to the recently announced Steam broadband platform (see While it is not required, if players join the free Steam beta before next Tuesday, they will be updated seamlessly via Steam and be able to skip the traditional download process completely.

Then, after this release, those in the Steam beta will be enabled to play with those on the 20,000-plus public servers around the world. Steam-enabled players will also have the benefit of early access to the platform's integrated communication components for in-game messaging, friends tracking, and more. To join the Steam beta, follow the directions listed here:

The Steam beta has over 100,000 players currently. The complete migration of Valve's games to the Steam platform is scheduled in the CS 1.5 release. Later this summer, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero will ship worldwide via Steam as well as in retail stores everywhere.

4.18.2002 | match results with rwa
It was a good fight, but =rWa= ended up with a win. It was a 3 on 3 and after we hopped servers a couple times we found one with a good ping for everyone. I liked my ping on nortech's, but heck, when your 15 miles from the server you probably are gonna have a better ping :)

Stalkyard was the first map of the match. They pretty much controled the box room, filled up with ammo and went out looking for us. While we pretty much played the outside field by the elevator and stuck together out there watching each hallway for sneak attacks. The first 3 minutes was kinda odd. I think the score was 1-0 and there was no gun fire after the only kill. LOL! It was rather close for the first half. I know I checked the score at one point it was 35-34 in favor of rWa. Then they pulled ahead and never looked back. Final score 75-62.

Datacore was up next. Much closer of a match for us. We took a narrow lead at the beginning and held it through out. I believe the score was 66-62 in favor of the DADS, but a monster of a surge put rWa again in the winning column. Wedge went on a terror with the RPG and I swear he took out all three of us with one shot :) Final score 75-68

Stalkyard Screenshot
Datacore Screenshot

4.16.2002 | hlf week 2 match with tck results
That was the first time that I have played Snark_pit in a match before. What a riot! TCK was outstanding with the 2 player advantage that we had over them. I never realized just how powerful that gluon can be. Yikes! I know there was one time in the match where Opium cleared out the entire room with that gun. Four kills in a row, I was laughing when it happened. Anyway, congrats once again to TCK on their victory. You guys rock!

screenshot of HLF week 2

4.15.2002 | more computer parts
Yeah, been looking at getting a new case for my computer. I have it narrowed down to two cases. First one is from This case is so awesome I almost wet myself when I saw it. My second choice is this home made case. It'll take a little bit of work to build but I like the look of the finished product.

Then I may need a Cold Cathode Kit for my PC. Then if I get one of those, I'd for sure have to get the Laser Etched Windows Kit. Wouldn't you? Then I'd need the Laser LED Fan Kit! So many choices, what on earth shall I do!

4.12.2002 | saturday night fights with =[xfm]=
Need 4 players for this match. If we can get 4 or at least 3 people it's a go for Saturday, April 13 at 9:30 Central [10:30 Eastern] against [xFm] Should be a good battle with a map rotation of: Crossfire, Undertow, Datacore. Playing on Evil's server [nortech's bloody circus] IP: and a frag limit set at 100 kills with 4 people or 75 kills with 3 per side. No bees and no mines on spawn points. I have the password, let me know if you can make it.

4.10.2002 | newest toy
At work today, Evil E grabs a new computer system to build and inside the box is a new GeForce4 Ti card. It's our first one that we finally get to mess around with. Tomorrow before it leaves we'll have to see what that bugga can do. I snapped a few shots before we installed it:

smgeforce4-1.jpg - 2829 Bytes smgeforce4-2.jpg - 2283 Bytes smgeforce4-3.jpg - 3397 Bytes smgeforce4-4.jpg - 3036 Bytes

This card has 128 MB of DDR memory [2.8ns], memory clock of 650 Mhz, core clock at 300 Mhz, memory bandwidth 10.4 GB/sec. I just hope we can find a good game to give this thing a workout.

4.09.2002 | mg vs dads match results
First map played was Undertow. I wasn't available to play this evening, but I was able to watch most of the match on HLTV. It was very interesting to see everyone in action. It's amazing how a player from each team can totally run past each other without seeing your opponent. It really went down to the wire, but |mg| was victorious in the first map by a score of 75 to 70.

Second map was crossfire. |mg| showing their experience on that map and excelent use of the tau was able to over power the DADS from the start and kept that pace throughout the entire map. Final score 75-25.

Undertow - Screenshot : Demo
Crossfire - Screenshot : Demo

4.08.2002 | helpful gift ideas
Been looking on the web for some gift ideas for Christmas [hey, I start early] and I've found some things that would be the perfect gift for that hard to find person. For the fisherman, you'll need at least one of these. I'm thinking of ordering one just for myself. I'm thinking I might wait a couple years to get one of these for my son, naw, he's getting one for Christmas! These could be fun for me, I mean my son, not me, gosh no, I really meant my son. :) If you miss or missed the Disco craze, here is your chance to own your very own personal disco floor! Yuppers, you read that correctly, Personal Disco Floor is what I said. This item has its own built-in light show that shoots out 48 multicolor beams to the beat of the music, bathing the dancers in a flood of color and light. I need one of these so badly!

4.06.2002 | match with MOD tonight?
If I can pull a team together tonight, I've set something up with [MOD]. It's set up for a 4 on 4, but if we can get at least 3 players it's a go.

Best of 3 maps, 20 Minute Time Limit per map.
Map Rotation: Bounce, Boot_camp, Crossfire.
Server IP: M][N][StrY=>Dallas
Time: 9:30 Central [10:30 Eastern]

I'll send the password to those that can make it tonight.

4.04.2002 | match scheduled with |mg|
I set up a match with |mg| for next Tuesday, April 9 at 9:00 Central [10:00 Eastern]. It'll be a 3 on 3 battle this time and playing to 75 frags. Map rotation will be: Undertow, Crossfire, StalkX

4.03.2002 | more site updates
Whew! Still in the process of converting from the old website format to the new look. I've added member pages for the most active members and will soon add the link that includes all active and non-active members. I'll be adding a name graphic in the upper right hand corner of everyones page. If you want to create your own logo, make it fit in a 300 X 60 graphic. I'll be need a little bit of information from some of you for your bio page. Screenshots! Send em to me and I'll post them under your page. Heck, if you want your picture posted or any photos posted I'll get them on there.

The clan links are almost finished. I have a few more to add plus I know I'm missing a few of the active clans. Just need to figure out who needs to be added to the list. Then comes the fun part....adding the clan match pages!

4.01.2002 | match with TCK postponed
Not sure when it was announced, but the week 2 schedule for the HLF Tournament has been postponed. Would have been nice if a message was posted on our message board and an ICQ message was sent to me. With all the BS messages that get posted on that tournaments message board I never saw the message. If you haven't been to their message board, don't bother. Nearly every post is from the same 2 or 3 people going back and forth about how they just got coned or pwned or whatever that dumbass term is. Aside from the message board, the tournament had gotten off to a decent start. We shall see what developes and if things don't get any better I'll pull us from the tournament.

3.30.2002 | new site design in process
I'm tweaking the colors and open for suggestions on what we need for the site.

3.27.2002 | HLF - week one results 187-131 [loss]
We got off to a strong start on Stalkyard, a map we have not practiced much at, then Tau4u got into a groove and took over at the end of our first week of play in the HLF Tournament. Tau4u wins it.

Screenshot from the match

menumatch.gif - 1048 Bytes
Date & Time: TBA
=[xFm]= vs DADS - 4on4
Crossfire, Undertow, Datacore
Server & Password: TBA
Date & Time: TBA
crossfire, datacore
Server & Password: TBA
Date & Time: TBA
Maps: TBA
Server & Password: TBA

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