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12.08.2002 :|: christmas gift ideas
If your like me around Christmas time, I always have a hard time finding the right gift for that certain person. Well, I've put together some ideas for you to help you in your quest of finding great gifts. Just remember, some of these gifts might not be for everyone.

First off, I found this great gift from EBT. You know someone who need to clean the earwax out of their ears? Get them one of these. Here are some gift snacks with rappers on them. No really, they have rappers on them. I have a couple on order for all of my friends. Let us not forget a site I posted a few months ago. Mr Bling has some great gold plated jewlery for all to enjoy.

I know many of you have online friends that you don't really care about. Let's put all that aside and send them an online brick. I know a couple people I will be sending one too for Christmas. You'll be happy you did.

The toughest thing for most poeople is shopping for your loved one. I've found a couple of really unique gifts that they will never forget. Here is one for the men. Here is one for the women. Two very special gifts if you ask me. This is a very caring gift that I would have never known about if it hadn't been for the internet. Guys, you need to get one of these for your special gal. There was that other gift idea I posted a few months back. If you have not purchased any of their products yet, now is the time. This will be the best Christmas gift you can give your wife or girl friend. Just think of her reaction when she opens this gift and realizes what you've just bought her. She will thank you over and over again.

12.01.2002 :|: just a little bit of dads news
Where do I begin this last month of 2002? It's been a crazy November for DADS. We completed our last week of the PoT 4 tournament. We just missed the 8th and last playoff spot by having to play ssx. They beat us out on Rapidcore by a fair margin. Yet, there is no doubt that DADS is the most improved clan from PoT 3 to PoT 4. We finished almost last in PoT 3 out of 30 clans. We finished in the 9th spot out of 36 clans in PoT 4. It's a huge jump for us and I tried to get us an award for the most improved clan, wasn't able to get one. However, I did get an ICQ message from DoctorDank saying that "there was no doubt that we were". I'll take that.

The winning clan for the PoT 4 tournament was clan -[D]- They are from Europe and are extremely good at the game. Hats off to them on a well played match. I've watched as many matches as I could with them in it. Trying to learn how they play and hopefully pick up a few tips. One thing is for sure, I can see how big of an advantage A3D is. I am so in the dark on this technology.

The winner of the tournament received some cash. I'm still not sure how much it was in the end, but it was all donated by the players of all the clans. The best part was their trophy. It was made by me! There were four graphic trophy's submitted for judging and mine was selected as the best of the four. Thank you to whomever voted for mine. Here is what I sent over to clan -[D]- I snuck my name into the bottom left hand corner. Go me!

We've had a few matches since the tournament completed. I have not updated the matches page as of yet, but will get them on there very soon. Monday we get back to our roots and play the A.S.S. clan on a Severian MOD server. It's been a little over a year since we last played in a Sev MOD match. We played PDK back on September 23, 2001 which we won. Then went on a long losing streak trying to get things going in the Valve world. It was brutal but we've come a long way.

Which brings me to my computer case. When we last visited the case, I was painting the chassis gold and my computer parts where sitting on a small table running good as could be. Finally I put all those parts back into the gold chassis because I probably wont paint the panels till the weather warms back up again in 4 or 5 months. So here is what it looks like with the part back into the gold chassis:

The fun side of the internet:
RapBastardz - These guys are great! My good friend ShortArmGuy received their latest CD. I highly recomend buying a copy for yourself. I listend to the CD about 5 times in one day!
CS Lamer Generator - ummm, can't think of something to say in your next game? Generate one on this website.
Send your kids to Mars - oh this is so tempting at times!
Boot Screens - This is so cool, the guy has boot screens from many of the OS's!
Ladies Weapons - yes, pretty guns for the lady in your life
Online Games - there are tons of them here, enjoy
Smoke Break - for you non-smokers who don't think it's fair that people who do smoke get to take smoke breaks while you keep working. Now you can take on too, a cyber-smoke break. Woooo!
I Used To Believe - cool site, things people use to believe when they were little. Some of them I can agree that I did as well.
555-5555 - The site list all of the phone number that get used in movies and TV shows. They all start with "555" How many of you knew that?
Insult Monger - let this site create an insult for you for that perfect someone.

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