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5.31.2002 | more on the new patch
Credit to Planet Half-Life for the following article:

CS-Nation spotted the following post made by Erik Johnson to the HLDS mailing lists. As of now, the patch releases are planned for next Wednesday, but that may change depending on the results of playtests / bug testing between now and then:
We generally let the lists know when we're totally nailed down and getting ready for the release. Right now we're planning the release for next Wednesday, but if we run into any significant problems in testing we'll have to push things back a week.

We'll know on Friday if things are going to go ahead as planned, and we'll let you know here. We didn't want to get all the alarm bells ringing until it's a definite thing.
It seems the new wave of patches will bring a new integrated demo playback feature. Check out the shots below, which were originally posted by German clan mTw. The shots, and the feature shown in them, have been confirmed legit:

However just reading over on CS Central, the view demo is NOT to be part of

The leaked screenshots from mymTw, of the new more advanced demo playback features, were not allowed to be published. The new viewdemo command will not even be part of since it is still under development. My guess is it'll be in patch Heh!

5.29.2002 | new hl patch due out soon
Half-Life and CS 1.5 Updates Coming Soon

New client and server updates for Half-Life and Counter-Strike are in the final phases of development and will be released in the coming weeks. Both updates (Half-Life and C.S. 1.5) include the Ricochet Mod, phase two of the recently introduced anti-cheat technology, as well as various fixes and tweaks. The Ricochet Mod source, which includes animation blending and multi-serve technology, will be added to the Half-Life SDK. In addition, Counter-Strike 1.5 includes de_piranesi, a new mission created by Iikka Keranen.

Looking for new crosshairs like I am? Head on over to Crosshair Central. HLGuard 1.0 Beta 4 has been released. This is the 3rd beta release in as many days, the updates are too many to mention here (since beta 1).

5.28.2002 | techincal news
I've been watching the latest and greatest for computer parts. Everything has been getting faster of course. ATA133, DDR333, 533 FSB and processor speeds too. Yet one thing has remained the same for the most part, video! Sure sure, you have the new GeForce4 cards which are faster, yet they still backbone on the AGP 4X technology. Finally we have 8X AGP! This will greatly improve speeds over what is being offered in todays video cards. nVidia will release the nForce2 cards in the fall. VIA's P4X333 chipset already supports the 8X AGP cards. Just wait until the new games come out that support this new technology!

5.23.2002 | DeLa and Ort rule!
I've found another great music video to watch. May 10th I found the video by the Chin Brothers, quite the team They worked hard at their moves. Today I find a short video by DeLa and Ort. These two guys are mad men. They can really follow the music to a "T". I'm having a tough time deciding which video I like more. I may have to make a web pole out of it and let everyone decide. Enjoy!

Your probably wondering what I do for fun outside of Half-Life. Well, me and my wifey, every year we enter the North American Wife Carrying Championship. This will be our third year in the contest. We've taken 23 and 12 place in our first two years of the contest and hope to break into the top 10 this year.

Just a few ebay items you probably missed the chance on bidding on: 8' Optimus Prime, Mr. T Chia Pet, Reindeer Pooping Candy Dispenser. Menopausal Prozac Barbie sold for $823.46!! Maybe next time.

You know, I have yet to meet a woman who can do this. I've spent nearly an hour of reading on this site. Very interesting. Speaking of interesting. Ya gotta love they way this woman paints. Heck you can even purchase one of her paintings in time for Christmas!

A cool snowboarding game. My high score is 17,752. What is the answer

Hub.Lo This game is pretty fun so far. Has an interesting flash intro and then off to the game.

5.16.2002 | just some more random links
Yup, tonights the night for the Star Wars fans. Yes, I too am one of them. , but still a big fan and will see the movie sometime during next week. This movie poster caught my attention with Samuel L. Jackson. It'll be interesting to see how well the Spiderman movie does this week. I'm sure it will do very well, but should drop from the top money maker spot.

Just when you thought you've seen everything. You find action figures of our world’s greatest heroes as well as the most dastardly evil villains.

I just wish I had some bubble wrap to pop them dang bubbles. This guy at work has been doing that all week and it is getting rather annoying hearing the pop pop pop. It is fun to do when you are board. Wait! He must be board and getting paid to pop bubble wrap instead of working. Well, there is this site if you are board now and want to pop some bubble wrap. It's best to do this while you are at work on the clock. LOL!

Then again if your board, you could always fry people with a very large magnifying glass. Strap a bomb to your chest and see how many people you could take out. Ever wanted to learn how to juggle? You can practice here.

This comercial is so great! You've got to see it, click the link once you get to the site to start it.

Did you know that nIKE lets you personalize your shoes but submitting a word or phrase and they will stitch it onto your shoes. Well, except for this guy. He made a site will all of the emails between him and the company. He used a word they did not approve of. Finally, remember that game Lemmings? One of my favorite games to date. Found a site that is similar to it online. I'm headed there now after I post this. Heh!

5.14.2002 | feel the force mother fucker
Heh! The Top Ten things you'd like to hear Samuel L. Jackson's character Jedi Master Mace Windu say in the Star Wars prequel.

Did you ever wonder how many pounds of waste the hogs in North Carolina produce in a years time? Check this crap out, there is a website setup just for tracking hog vs human excrement.

This just doesn't look right. It's meant to be harmless, however I found this link on a humorous site. I agree, I was shocked to see it. If your board, you can read the Encyclopedia of WIP. That's the Ultimate Guide To Women In Prison Films. Heh! Sign up for this petition against the petition against the petition online. huh?

Dress up your very own baby doll. Very odd I must say. This site is a bit slow, but it list the top 100 online games to play. I didn't try any yet, but it looks like they may all work?

5.10.2002 | clan match with PDK
We have a match setup with [PDK] clan for Saturday, May 18 at 9:00 central [10:00 eastern]. Match will be held on the Nortech's Bloody Circus []. Password will be in the private forum. Map rotation is Datacore, Crossfire, Rapidcore for tiebreaker. Best of three maps, first clan to 100 takes the map. Our record against PDK is 1-0. However, the last time we faced off against them, both of the clans were a shotgun clan. Things have changed since then. [PDK] also has made the conversion to standard valve so this will be a tough challenge for us.

On too some fun stuff. I love this video made by the chin brothers. You'll have to take a look. I've never been to New York, however this pizza shop will deliver a pizza from their shop anywhere in the country! I may just give it a go some night. Ever wonder if people who speak foreign languages are swearing at you. This site teaches you how to swear in any language! Remember that game you played as a kid, Rock Paper Scissors? Yup, they too have their own website with a strategy guide. Lord Of The Pings! Think your ping is good? This site tracks the best pings out there.

5.05.2002 | long time no see
What a difference a month or two makes. At one point we had 5 people active in the group, today we are at 9 people and in June we will be at 11. Last month we added Clan Killa/BillyBobFred back into the group. This month Schwetty_Balz makes his return as technology makes it's way into his neighborhood and he once again has a cable modem. In June we may have JoJo White back as school is over for the year. Who said you had to be a dad in real life to be in the [DADS]? All we need are skills, humor and some common sence. [well, maybe a little more than that]. I'll have Schwetty's and JoJo's bio page up and running soon.

Now that we almost have the kinks outta the patch. Thought I'd get some matches going again. We still have the three in the works with TSG, xFm, and PDK....but nothing is official with them yet. However, I did set up a fun scrimmage/practice match with -f@wo- for this comming Tuesday [May 7]. All of the match info is posted in the private forum. See me if you need the password to the board.

Over on Planet Half-Life, they have started a page listing the most common bugs that developed from the new patch. Check there for any minor bug issues you may be having or for any news ones that may come your way.

5.01.2002 | just a bunch of random humor links
It is amazing what people have on the internet. Just wanted to post some interesting/funny/odd/dumb/your kidding/no way/suprizing/corny links.

First there is this link from PETA, or is it? To catch a napkin thief. I want to know if this is really a double stamped penny or did someone hit it with something? Do you suck at baseball? Do you suck at softball? Well, then you can always tryout for the whiffball team! Be sure to check out the picture of the miniature ball fields.

Ummmm, well, I don't know what to say about this website. Just take a look and you'll understand. Okay, I have another one that I cannot describe, you'll have to see this one as well.

Move over Mr. Hankey, you've been replaced. I've been having fun with this site for hours and hours! I did find another "toilet mod" crawdad may be interested in. This site, you make an emotion request and he'll act it out for you in a picture on his site.

For you fans of starwars, you must check out the ever popular site No, it's true, this site is for real. They have the countdown clock, parody movie posters, games for waiting in line, and even star wars guitars! Head over there and check it out!

LOL! Dang, too bad I missed out on these awesome t-shirts. I want one so badly! Speaking of t-shirts, you ever want a t-shirt that sucks? They have them here!

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Server & Password: TBA
Date & Time: TBA
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Server & Password: TBA

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