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8.31.2002 || dml semi-finals played today
165-164 was the final score for today's conference 2 match up in the DML tournament. 1 frag is what decided the outcome, what can be said!

Many lead changes and right up to the end it was anybody's win. "It was back and forth for the last 10-15 minutes. With 2 minutes left, nn| was up by 5....with 1 minute left, DADS was up by 2 and 30 seconds left it was dead even." reported [DADS]Sticker, "I mean it was literally down to the last seconds... people were still dying"

"LOL It was wild!" told [DADS]Crawdad, "we were up by like 10 or 12 and then I fell apart and we were down by five with like 2 minutes to go." "It was hard to keep it going....I was on a tear for about 30 minutes."

Yet my favorite quote came from [DADS]MissAmericanPie, "hahahahahha.. we good :)" Yet she summed up our victory by saying, "We won by one kill.. ONE kill.. I was ready to barf when there were three minutes left and they got up 5 on us.. *SCREAM* "

Yes it's true. DADS win and earn their way to the finals to meet alm or Gutpile from conference 1. Congratulations DADS on the victory.

- screenshot of nn| vs DADS -

Hats off to nn| on the close match. If there was another minute in the match, it could have been your victory? and a big thank you to [DADS]SpeedRacer who was willing to play on dial up for the match because Sticker had no connection until 20 minutes after the match start time.

8.28.2002 || case mod update
Took a few photos of the progress of my case. I've started working on the inside chassis now. It's painted metallic "hammered" gold which is made by Rust-Oleum. You can pick it up at your local Home Depot if you have one in your area. I didn't think it would be quite as dark as it turned out. I was expecting it to be a bit lighter, but still it looks better than the standard unpainted dull grey that every computer case looks like. I have a couple drips on the back of the chassis that I need to sand out and then spray the entire case one last time and then clear coat it.

Next comes the side panels which are going to be painted metallic maroon.

|mg|'s KillerPX is working on another case mod. He sent me some photos of the cases progress. He sanded the outside shell down to the bare metal. It almost looks decent enough without the paint. A little bit of polish and buffing and it would shine!

- Photo 1 - Photo 2 -

Found a site that sells clear neon spray paint. You'd need the UV or black light in order to see what you've prayed. Interesting idea. You can find it over at ClearNeon.

Now case modding has gone to the power supplies. Not something I will do to my case mod, but it's something new.
Power Supply Mod Photo - Power Supply Mod Review

I really like the windows that this guy put into his side panel. Panel Photo Very detailed and his windows is etched too. Page 1 of his case Page 2 of his case.

For those of you who overclock your CPU and have a heating problem. You can try this and see if it will cool down your CPU. There is this cheap way to go if money is tight and you want to do a case mod. It doesn't get any better than this one.

The fun side of the internet:
Boudoir Grannies - I may get a couple for my collection
99 Bottles of Beer - program it in 392 computer languages
Spam Carving Contest - Who was this years winner?
1958 BMW Isetta 300 - Very interest car of the past
Remote Control Car - Drive the car right now!
Robin Williams - The guy is addicted to Half-Life!
Samual L Jackson - Make him say what you want
Car-Bus Crash - Read the advertisement on the bus - Song quotes to 10,000 songs
Kaypro II - 9" monitor, gotta love this one!

8.15.2002 || this is something else
Don't ya hate when you stumble across a website that you didn't mean to find? That happened to me today. It took me by surprise and I didn't know what to think. Was this a joke? This can't be for real....or is it? There is no way this can be true, yet as I read a few sources, I'm starting to believe it is for reals.

This will come as a surprise and should give our own MissAmericanPie a great big smile on her face. Why? Because she wanted this to happen to me a few weeks ago. I said it was impossible, I was wrong. It can be done and I still am in disbelief, but can you blame me? This shouldn't be happening in real life, in our time, EVER! I was wrong. Yes I'll say it again....I was wrong, it can happen and you were correct MissAmericanPie.

You'll have to see this one for yourselves. Be warned you males, this will be shocking to your system. I am not responsible for any harm this may cause you when you see this website.

8.13.2002 || two more wins for dads
Yup, we picked up two more W's in our win column. Saturday we finally played Week 6 of the DML tourney. The map was the ever popular "snake" with TSG as our opponent. I give them credit, they played a man short for the entire match. We stay in third place, 2 points behind the first place mg clan. Final score for against TSG 87-34.

Last night we faced mg. We again picked up a hard fought victory for DADS as we win for the first time in four official matches with mg. Stalkyard went the way of mg. They controlled the box room for the majority of the match. Filling up with armor and ammo, then moved outside for the attack. Very well played and they won the map by 12 frags. Final Score 75-63. Next up was crossfire. We came out strong with SpeedRacer leading the pack with 33 of our 75 frags. We win by 21 frags, 75-54 was the final score. On to the rubber map [heh]. Datacore would decide the outcome. It was a squeaker for the most of it. Yet the HLTV crowd was getting a kick outta the match saying it was the funniest match they've seen in a while. I'll have to watch the demo to see exactly what they were talking about. DADS win by 10 frags 75-65.

- Stalkyard Screenshot - Crossfire Screenshot - Datacore Screenshot -

8.07.2002 || two down and three to go
With five matches scheduled this week, we have two of them played so far. Tonights match was against [SKULLS]. They are a very new clan with few members and are a great bunch of people to play against. Their leader, Relinquish, is a former xFm member starting up a new group. We got off to a very quick start in the first map, Rapidcore, a Crawdad favorite. He nabbed the x-bow from the start and wouldn't give that weapon up! I watched the match on HLTV and SKULLS did have some decent teamwork going on during the map. Final score 100-26 in favor of DADS.

Next came a DADS favorite, crossfire, the map we selected for the match. We showed no mercy and took total command from the start and took the map and the match with a score of 100-19. Hats off to [SKULLS] for their great attitudes during the match despite the outcome of the match. You showed a lot of class and we look forward to another match in the future. Good Game!

- Rapidcore Screenshot - Crossfire Screenshot -

Tuesday [8/06] we played =ONE= for the third time in our history. It was a most interesting match to say the least. We played Bounce first, a map the dominated on from the start and never let up, which they shouldn't. The strange thing about Bounce was it being a different version of Bounce. Weapons in different spots, a second long jump. It would just be an excuse for me to say that was why we lost the map. ONE plays that map very well, almost better than boot_camp :) It's a total strategic map and if you can play it right you will dominate it, and they do on both parts. Final score 75-19.

Undertow was the map we selected for the match. Not our normal map as of late, but why not mix it up a little. The map got off to the weirdest start I've played in. M.Focker locked himself in the gluon room and all three DADS were running around the outside of the room, staring at each other, waiting for him to make his move. We threw satchels into the opening, Focker threw grenades out the door. Five minutes pass, no score change and Focker still camped in the room and three DADS running around the outside waiting. Actually waiting for the teammates to jump in and attack, but they did not. To be honest, I don't know what happened to Focker at that moment, I left to go find the others in ONE. However, I did get killed by Focker 3 times trying to enter the gluon room. You normally have a problem trying to get OUT of the room, not when you go into the room. :)

The match was a close one, we held the lead for the majority of the match. The lead changed hands often and I don't believe the lead was ever more than 5 frags. It was the strangest map of Undertow I've ever played, heck, someone even hit the button during play. For some reason, you could not go up the ladder to get the shotgun in the hallways. Despite all the weird play that map, the score was tied 72-72. I rode the elevator up in the water room. That map flaw got me, I was stuck in the elevator. UGH! Not now! No one in site from either team, I can hear shooting, but from a different part of the map? Hit my console button and type 'kill' so I die and get free. UGH! I forget that you lose a point if you do that. 72-71 in favor of ONE. The get a couple kills, I respawn right in front of CHIEF 75-72...good game.

- Bounce Screenshot - Undertow Screenshot -

8.06.2002 || fud vs dads??
We've been trying to get a match with [FUD] for a little while. One of their clan members, Shoalin stopped in and played a couple of DADS. Despite his losing score during the diarea of the mouth session, he was talking up a storm about how good he was and how good FUD was as a clan. Challenged DADS to a match, but then backed out of it when we took him seriously. Oh Mr Shoalin, I want to thank you for sending me the link to your personal website. Now I understand why you wont fight us in our slow, lame ass standard valve game that we like to play. With the hobby that you have, you don't have the time to play us. Good Game!

Click me to see [FUD]Shoalin's personal website

Well, I must say to the other people in are a fun bunch of people and we still welcome a match with all y'all as long as you keep one of your players out of the match.

8.04.2002 || case mod update
Been a while since I've posted anything on my case mod. I've done a few things to it and purchased some lights. That purchase didn't go too well. I bought two 80mm fans with lights in them. They are all right. I wish I would have bought all one color fans instead of the tricolor ones. I can always swap out the LEDs and put in the same color. Little bit of putzing and it will be the way I want it.

I also purchased two cold cathode fluorescent lamps, neon green and an Ultra-Violet one. This is where it goes down hill for the purchase. The package arrived in an inside out FEDEX box. It look as if Ace Ventura had delivered the package. This box was bent into thirds at one time during it's destination. Not a good thing for 12" glass tubes. They tend to break when you attempt to bend them.

I was able to get replacement from the company. They have been very easy to deal with. Fast shipping, easy return policy. I'll probably re-order my lights from them and give them another chance to earn my business. Any way, here are a few photos of how the case is progressing along:

Monday I'm headed to the hobby store to pick out some paint for the insides and the outsides of the chassis. Still am not 100% sure what colors I'll select. I'll decide when I get there....haha!

8.03.2002 || dads have an official server
Yeppers! I finally did it. I brushed the dust off my new router, plugged it in. Set everything up correctly and POOF! a server for DADS!
IP: - [DADS]Liquid Lunch

Thanks goes out to [DADS]EasyKills for selling me that router so cheaply :) and heading me in the right direction for getting the server on line.

Last month I found the "Save Karyn" website. She wanted everyone to send her a dollar and help her get out of debt. I found this new website with the same concept, yet this guy is taking it over the line. This is shameless! If you've ever wondered how many calories are burned while engaged in intercourse, this website has all the answers to ever scenario you can think of. Give it a look see.

I've had this idea to sell photo's of my bare bottom on bay. I couldn't believe it, someone beat me to my idea! The bum! I wish I would have been able to bid on this gem of an item. Maybe it will be relisted.

I thought this site was a joke at first, but I do believe it is an actualy site. Give me your opinion on if it is real or not. Wait a second, here is another site that makes you wonder if it's real or someone's wicked imagination gone wild? If it is real, I need to order me some stuff!

Okay, if I could pick any place to work, I want it to be here. This is the mostest coolest neatest place to work I've ever seen in my entire life. It's amazing! A round of applause for this work site!

8.01.2002 || match results
Faced nn| tonight. They were tough competition or I just had really bad game play tonight. None the less, nn| won the victory. Congrats.

- Datacore Screenshot - Rapidcore Screenshot -

08.00.2002 || dads on a hot streak
Week 5 of the DML tourney was very good for us. The weeks map was Morgoth, a DADS favorite, and the map we selected for the DML. We had to win this one at all cost. Not only because it was our map, but we needed the win to stay ahead of the surging new clan, nn|. Our opponent for the week, our good friends V&M! Thus we had to have MissAmericanPie, SpeedRacer, and Sticker face off against their old clan mates. Hats off to our teammates as they dished out a beating. The match was all but over at the five minute mark with a score of 30-8. There was a bit of server trouble at the 22 minute mark. For some strange reason, the server reset itself. Score at the reset was 100-39. So they started up again and played out the last 8 minutes of the match. Final score was 131-57 in favor of DADS. A 74 frag victory!

This moves us into 3rd place now, two points behind |mg| and with Ha|o's loss to nn|, we are 3 points from 1st place.

- View Screenshot - Check Standings -

Tuesday [7/30] we faced off against -PwR- [formerly Masters]. It was a best of 3 maps, 75 frag limit, no time limit match. Crawdad, SpeedRacer, and Sticker got the call for the battle. Stalkyard was the first map played. DADS got off to a huge lead with SpeedRacer's strong beginning surge. At the 5 minute mark, our lead was 22-14 and we kept that pace through out the map. Final score for Stalk, 75-27.

Next up was Datacore. PwR got off to the early lead and was up by a few frags. We fought back and took a 14-13 lead and never lost the lead from that point. Final score, 75-44. Our second match win in a row. Something we have never done as a clan :)

- Stalkyard Screenshot - Datacore Screenshot -

This past Saturday, Evil E hosted a LAN party at his home. We have a few photos of the LAN party on the site of some of us DADS who were there. I have a few more pictures to post, so check back soon.

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