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7.23.2002 || more stuff on my case mod
Snapped a few more photos of my case in progress. I have it totally gutted out now. The computer is in working order, [see the pic below] and sitting on a stand next to my desk. Don't try this at home folks.

I did pick up a piece of High Impact Acrylic Plastic from Home Depot. Bought a 18" x 24" sheet. Cut it to size and it's ready to rock after I paint the case. I still have not picked out the colors I'm painting it, but heck, I've got some time still.

Bought a few other things for the case over the weekend. They should be here this Friday. Two clear 80mm fans with LED's inside of them. They look rather cool in the picture.

colorfan.gif - 13362 Bytescolorfan.gif - 13362 Bytescolorfan.gif - 13362 Bytescolorfan.gif - 13362 Bytes

I did buy a few more small of them black neon lights for the inside to go along with my green neon one.

7.22.2002 || on with the fun stuff
Most of you know I'm doing a case modification on my PC. I had been thinking of someway to co-mingle my computer with a coffee machine so I wouldn't have to go very far to get coffee to stay awake while I work though the wee hours of the night updating the website and playing a little half-life everynow and then. [long sentence eh?] Well, I was designing something like that until this guy stole my idea.

Now I need to come up wiht a new one. You've got to read this one. One of the most creative and tons of work he put into the design and creation.
This game is somewhat entertaining. I played a few rounds at least before I got too board with it. If you want to do some reading. Why not check out the "True Porn Clerk Stories" forum. I am looking for a second job :)

I have found the bestest web site design I have ever seen. You can't pass this one up. I had more fun on this site than that silly game a couple sentences up. It has sound too, TONS of visuals and lots of things to mess around with. Enjoy!

One more thing....some one please help save Karen! Maybe I should try this thought....another great idea on the internet.

7.21.2002 || week four dml results
This weeks match in the DML was a change from the past 3 weeks. We went head on against 2 clans for a 3 vs 3 vs 3 format. It was a reunion of past clanmates in a round about way. With amf out of the tournament, nnl was inserted into their spot in the standings.

Match time arived at 1:00 eastern, or was it 1:00 central? 12:07 pm I check to see if there are any new messages and for some reason, DADS, nnl, and V&M are in the server. Odd I thought and an ICQ message from MissAmericanPie saying she can't get into the server, she's locking on entry and it would be wise if I play in her place [it was exactly how she said it] :) Then it hit me! Ugh! yes, I messed up on the start time. I'm laughing now....yeah right.

The match went off with out a hitch. We locked down the long jump room quite well. After 10 minutes of play, we had a huge lead, 15 frags or so. nnl went into high gear from that point on. Weapons were hard to come by and death upon respawn was frequent the last 10 minutes. In the end it was nnl with the win. DADS in second and V&M third. Final scores: 236-203-156

In the other matches. Ha|o, mg & PI with only one player faced off. Final scores: 193-143-63. Conference one scores: [alm 118, Gutpile39, dpc forfeit] & [TSG 165, PwR 119, toXic 82]

7.15.2002 || week three results from dml tourney
**amf was removed from the tournament after 2nd week of forfeiting. During the match with PI, they left during match play, thus giving PI the forfeit win.

DML - Week Three Match Results
Conference One Match Results
Conference Two Match Results

Conference 1
clan points win loss tie
dpc 6 3 0 0
alm 6 3 0 0
Gutpile 4 2 1 0
TSG 2 1 2 0
Toxic 0 0 3 0
Masters/PwR 0 0 3 0

Conference 2
clan points win loss tie
Ha|o 6 3 0 0
mg 4 2 1 0
PI 4 2 1 0
DADS 2 1 2 0
V&M 2 1 2 0
**amf 0 0 3 0

7.13.2002 || week three halo - dads results
As I post this, still trying to figure out what the heck is going on. We did lose to Ha|o by 31 frags with a score of 126 to 95. The screenshot will say 127, but someone from Ha|o used the hand hive [bee gun] which is not allowed during match play. Doesn't change the results of the match.

Now it gets ugly from here. "loser" "suk it spanky" "you dum asses" "and fuk you" Yup, all those were thrown at DADS from Ha|o, after the match was completed and Ha|o was the winner. Let's see here, you win the match AND insult your opponent? Am I missing something here?

Ahh weel. It's just a game. Good win Halo.

Screenshot from the match
Insults from the match

7.11.2002 || my case mod is coming along finally
Yes it's true. All that talk about me wanting to modify my computer case is finally coming true. I cut the side panel all apart and have a very large hole in the panel now. I am waiting on the glass side panel [24" x 24" sheet] I'm going to cut a hole in the topside of the case as well as add a blow hole to the front panel. Lights, paint, LED fans, extra fans, fancy fan covers, and a few more small things. Here is the first batch of photos:

More before photos of my case:

July 2, 2003 Mark your calendars, we have less than one year to wait for the new Arnold Schwartzenegger movie Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines. They have an official website and a teaser movie trailer. It doesn't show any movie sceens, just a nifty movie title intro.

7.09.2002 || dads on top
Tonight we faced off against an old friend, TSG. We last played them in week three of PoT 3 and came out on the short end. In the match this evening, the outcome was in our favor. Crawdad, SpeedRacer, MissAmericanPie, and Sticker were able to win two maps in a row and the victory.

Datacore was the first map. There was a bit of mix up in the server settings and the match stopped at 50 frags instead of the agreed to limit. We agreed to replay the entire map and won it with a score of 75 to 61.

Then it was on to crossfire. You cannot get any closer than this one was. This was a nail biter and could have gone either way, but we did manage to come out on top by a 1 frag margin, 75-74 and the match was ours. Datacore Screenshot
Crossfire Screenshot

Thanks for the match TSG. Looking forward to another one in the future and good luck in your DML matches.

7.07.2002 || dads pick up a win in DML week two
It wasn't the way you'd like to win a match, but we did get the 2 points that puts us in a second place tie after 2 weeks of play. Clan [amf] was a no show at the starting time, I must note two of their players did make it to the server 15 minutes after the match was given to us in forfeit. Would have love to earn it the hard way of course.

Here is how the other matches faired for Week 2 of DML:

Conference 1 - MAP: labs
alm 314 - vs Masters 68
dpc 253 vs toXic 29
Gutpile [win] vs TSG

Conference 2 - MAP: outraged
ha|o 90 vs mg 88
V&M 78 vs -PI- 89
amf vs DADS [win by forfeit]

Basically this puts us back into good shape after week 2 in our conference standings:
clan      points|wins|loss
--------  ------ ---- ----
Ha|o         4     2    0
V&M          2     1    1
PI           2     1    1
mg           2     1    1
DADS         2     1    1
amf          0     0    2
Be sure to check out SpeedRacer and Sticker's bio page. They have a screenshot that is WELL worth mentioning. Great job you two!

7.03.2002 || intel or amd
Working in the computer field for the past 10 years or so, I'm often asked my opinion; Intel or AMD. Yup, that is the question that tops my FAQ list. I stumbled across this video that a 3rd party interest made that may help you decide once and for all. This video is quite shocking but WELL worth the download [10 megs]. If you have ever wondered if you should purchase intel or AMD, watch this video before you buy another CPU. As the video plays out, pay very close attention to the first demo. In particular, pay attention to what is happening on the monitor. Enjoy!

My good buddy over at is one crazy mofo. He does some of the craziest things possible. Someone challenged him to do something for $20 dollars. Did he back down? Not at all, he went at it with a full head of steam, dove right in and won that $20 dollars. What did he do? Haha! Watch for yourself exactly what he did. No way I can do justice by describing what he does. Don't forget to stop by for more of his crazy stuff.

This has got to be one of my favorite videos with a cat in it. I've watched it 20, 40, 60 times at least and still enjoy seeing it. It's even better letting someone else watch it and their reaction. I've never seen a cat do what this one does, but it's a small download and worth a laugh or two.

7.01.2002 || DML week 1 match results
sUK has dropped from the tournament and is replaced by gutpile due to a rule they did not agree with.

Conference 1 - MAP: oneslip
dPc vs Masters: 162-15 dPc
alm vs TSG: 190-98 alm
gutpile vs Toxic: 160-63 gutpile

Conference 2 - MAP: recross2
Dads vs mg: 94-79 mg
halo vs PI: 59-57 halo
V&M vs amf: 127-49

forum * standins * rules

V&M - Morgoth - 131-57
V&M/nnl - StalkX 236-203-156
Ha|o - lost_village - 126-95
amf - out_raged - forfeit WIN
mg - recross2 - 94-79

DADS * mg * ha|o
V&M * PI * nnl
TSG * toXic * gutpile
alm * dpc * -PwR-

menumatch.gif - 1048 Bytes
Thursday, August 1 @ 10:00EST
nn| - 4on4 - 100 frags
Data, Rapid, Cross

Wednesday, Aug 7 @ 10:00EST
theSKULLS - 3 on 3 - 75 frags
Rapid, Cross, Data

Sunday, Aug 10 @ 10:00 EST
Scrimmage vs |LOM|
Datacore, Morgoth, Subtransit

DML Week 6 - DADS vs TSG?

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