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11.02.2002 :|: dads win in week seven of pot
It was a close match for a while, but DADS pulled out a decent margin of victory in the end. This weeks PoT map was Bounce. Not a big favorite among the clans, yet it's a total team play map. With out teamplay, you will lose.

Our game plan was simple, we would play two areas during the match. The sniper ledge and the long jump area. For the first 15 minutes of the match, we mainly played the long jump area. It has many respawn points so your likely to get lots of spawn kills. After 15 minutes of play, we had a 7 point lead over EUV and an 8 point lead over nnl, not bad, but very close so far. While DADS was playing the back area, EUV and nnl were fighting each other for the sniper ledge. The lead changed hands many times during the 15 minutes of play.

Then we had a change in our game plan. We attacked the sniper ledge, not sure who we knocked off, but it was ours. So for the last 15 minutes, we mainly held the sniper ledge. There were many attempts, but our crew pulled together up there and kept it for DADS till the match end. With 5 minutes to go, our lead grew to 29 frags.

Final score for the match was DADS 177 - nnl 140 - EUV 129. A very nice first place win for DADS. We keep pace with |mg| who will play bounce on Sunday. I believe it will be a tough match for them, facing Halo and dPc. Depending on how they place, we will be tied for 1st or be in 1st all by ourselves. We shall see how the big match tomorrow plays out. However, I cannot forget about our final week of play. We face 2 tough clans as well, di and PwR. OUCH!

-:: Action Screen Shots From The Match ::-
MissAmericanPie blasts Revelation underwater
MissAmericanPie takes out UffDa! near the bounce pad
DADS take the sniper ledge!
Stiffler eats a grenade from Crawdad
Vortech dies on the bounce pad from Crawdad
Craw kills ZigZag as he attempts to land on the ledge
ZigZag attempts another takeover of the ledge
ZigZag does not make it
RPG Missle sails past Sticker
Sticker gets a gluon kill
MissAmericanPie snipes ZigZag and Stiffler with her xbow

10.31.2002 :|: happy halloween
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10.26.2002 :|: perseverance of triality invitational - week 6
What a match this one was. We were almost destroyed in this weeks matchup between our good friends LoM and TSG. This weeks map was one of my worst maps, StalkYard. However, almost everyone else in DADS does well at the map so we were pretty prepared. Our game plan was to play the outside and ward off any attacks from whomever held the boxroom. The only error in our planning was we didn't expect TSG to have the same game plan as us. LoM spent a good portion of the match in the box room, filling up and coming out for attack runs on DADS and TSG. It was brutal to say the least. Only LoM players had positive kill rations while the other two clans all had negative kill rations. It was tough!

Once the match was underway, I was thinking we would place 3rd for the match, but we fought back hard the last half of the match and took 2nd place by 15 frags.

-[ Week Six Stalkyard Screen Shot ]-
-[ StalkYard Demo ]-

Were do we sit for the playoffs? We could get the 8th spot or we could just miss it. Before the week started we had the 6th best record. However, getting 2nd place, we dropped a point and are now 3 points out of fisrt place. So really it's too early to tell if we will make the playoffs or not. It all depends on the last two weeks.

The fun side of the internet:
Browser Trick - watch the guy move your browser
Browser Trick - watch the girl shake your browser
Cutie Quake - practice your headshots
Britney Spears - totally uncovered just for you?
Typing Test - just how many words per minute can you type
BreakDance - this site teaches you how to breakdance
Bookworm - an addicting spelling game

10.20.2002 :|: dads win in week five of pot
Crawdad - Sticker - QuickSilver....who are these 3? They represented DADS for week 5 of the PoT invitational. Our map was the ever popular Boot_Camp. Not really our favorite map of choice and a map we have been destroyed in a time or two. Then again, this was when we were new to the game.

I can tell you, there were some nervous stomach's before the match started. Not necessarily by our team who was playing, but by us who were watching. The match began and it was a bit slow at first. Think there was only 3 kills by all three clans during the first minute. After that minute was complete, it was off to the races for DADS. We took control of the bridge and kept it for most of the match. Had some very good team work action and were quite in control for the last 29 minutes of the match.

-[ Week 5 ScreenShot ]-

Good Games goes out to Gutpile and nFc who battled it out for 2nd place. nFc, playing a man short, took a 1 frag advantage as time ran out.

The fun side of the internet:
Simon - That old board game, umm, not quite
Fireworks - create your own, my kids loved this one
Matches - OMG! Too much brain work is in volved
Air Jordan Shoes - How many have you owned? Myself: just one pair
Be Happy - Heh! Note the buttcracks when they walk into the sunset! - The sites list all tall building in every city, state, country.
Speed Stack Finals - I cannot believe this is in normal speed. Totally amazing watching her hands move that fast.

10.12.2002 :|: it's only been 21 days since last update :)
My how time flies when your having fun! We've already played 4 weeks of the PoT tournament. We have another DADS server to play on and the Minnesota Twins are in the ALCS!

Week 2 of PoT we played CF-DS and XR. Two top notch clans. The map was StalkX. It can be a very tough map to play with so many people. The size of the map is large, yet the weapons are places so your opponent can gather them and keep them out of your hands if they play it right. Lots of kills upon respawn in this one. We placed 2nd in this one with CF-DS topping our team.

Week 3 of PoT....Oh what fun it is to beat a clan that a lot of others dislike. We placed 2nd in crossfire for the match with ssx taking top honors. Well played ssx! Yet seeing RSI down in 3rd place really put a lot of smiles on many clans faces. Not to mention the big stink they put up and the excuses they came up with for placing 3rd. Maybe next time RSI.

We are back in the winning column for week 4! The map was Frenzy and what a job DADS did in this one. QuickSilver and Sticker were fighting it out for top scorer in DADS and SpeedRacer close behind. We almost should start playing this map in our regular matches?? Would be different. We faced V&M once again, who took 3rd place and TheGods taking 2nd. Funny, they had a multi-clanner and someone quit the clan during the match. It was crazy! I would watch the demo and get some laughs from it.

The fun side of the internet:
Silly Putty - 50 pounds of Silly Putty!
Toboggan Jump 2002 - make sure your sound is on!
Pizza Mod - Don't understand this one
Whizzy - For the woman who wants to pee standing up
Walking Tom - yup, turn that sound on again
Ghetto Scooter - Low budget scooter. FUN!
21504 3DMark2001 - OMG! Check out how he cooled his video card to get this rating. You wont believe your eyes!

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--=::[ PoT Invitational ]::=--
Wed Oct 23 @ 9:00 Eastern

Tue Oct 29 @ 10:00 Eastern
DADS * EUV * nn|

Mon Nov 4 @ 9:30 Eastern
-di- * DADS * PwR

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