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9.21.2002 || new fall season
With all the excitement of our Week 1 victory in the Perseverance of Triality Invitational, it slipped my mind to mention that my favorite show is back on the air. No eye rolls, but yes, I am a Survivor fan. My wifey and I love to watch the show, since the first season we've been big fans of it. Now, we don't actually get to watch it when it is played live. We have 2 children running around, it's their primetime when it airs. So we tape the show, put the kids to bed and sit back and relax and watch it in private. I'm not much of a TV watcher as I used to be. I only watched one episode of ER and missed the rest. Well, I did like to watch Ally McBeal with my wifey as well. Now you eye rolled didn't you?

The first show was all right, they usually are boaring the first couple shows. You don't know any of the people and they mainly show them setting up camp and getting their lives going in their new home. But after the 3rd or 4th week, it can get down a dirty. Yet, this first week, they did show one of the girls skinny dipping at night. Don't remember which one it was, but I'm sure they put that in there to get some ratings and more viewers.

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BattleShip - Loved the game as a child
Slot Racer Cars - Go Speed Racer Go!!
eToy Racing - another car racing game
bitch - A new wild and seductive fragrance
Ozzy Osbourne - make Ozzy talk
Hamster Game - My kids loved this one
Bob The Builder - and this one too!
Air Hockey - fun, but lots of pop up ads
LOR 2 - This is one cool graphic video
Nintendo PC - Converted to a Pentium 800 Mhz
Beard Clippings - not to be out done my the guy who collected his toe nails, this guy saves his beard clippings.
Musical Pong - make sure you sound is on
Save Karyn - posted this one a while ago, now there are more sites like this one
Save Sarah - here is her sister I guess? Runs in the family
Don't Save Karyn - these guys want to spend Karyn's money!
Golf Driving Game - FORE!
Aim & Speed Test - practice up on your aim

9.19.2002 || dads victorious in week one of pot
I have not been this nervous for a match to start since the first time we played =ONE=, make that the defunct =ONE= clan as of last week. Thank goodness I cut my finger nails yesterday or I would have been biting them to the bone. We all wanted to get out to a good start considering how we finished in PoT3. It took us till week 8 to earn our first 2nd place victory. At the time a huge accomplishment for us since we had just converted over from a shotgun clan to an standard valve clan.

Our three were in the server on time and ready to go waiting for the other clans to arrive and get their C-D issues figured out. MissAmerican Pie, Crawdad and Sticker were our chosen three for tonights battle against -|AwD|- a clan that we have never faced in any matches and S*N*M, a clan we faced when we were just starting our break away from our shotgun clan. I believe they were less than a month or two old at the time as well.

Once we got all three clans in the server with 3 players aside we were under way. |AWD| did get off to a very quick early lead, which lasted about 36 seconds into the match, then DADS fought back, took control of the RPG room and started a very early run. I believe at one point, Sticker was 11-0, Crawdad was 10-1, MissAmericanPie was 9-2. I'm going from memory, but it was very close to that. I pointed out on HLTV that Sticker was 11-1, I hit enter and 5 seconds later, Sticker dies for the first time. I shouldn't have pointed it out! Sorry Sticker :-)

The weapon stat of the game goes to MissAmericanPie with seven, yes seven kills with the crowbar. You are brutal with that and I can recall quite a few times you've gotten me with that.

Crawdad managed to die 33 times, that is three, count them 1....2....3 more deaths than Renkie had in his first match. I just wanna know why you didn't have as many kills? :-)

Great match and a great victory for DADS. Our first 3 point win. We had some great team work in the RPG room. Many people pointed out the team work to get to the RPG. I saw it happen tons of times, by us at least. Hats off to AwD and S*N*M. Both clans played a terrific match and gave us all kinds of trouble through out the match.

The fun side of the internet:
Swing Time - silly, but tough
Spear Toss - I've seen this one before
Liberator Shapes - [18+] For you married couples, I can't believe they make something like this. Would you buy this for your partner?

9.17.2002 || day two of pot
What a crazy week this has been. Started out the week thinking we lost a few players. Now we are adding two new faces to DADS. Flesh Eater started playing HL about 2 years ago, played for a year was hella good then took a break. He's now back in action and has some amazing skills in crossfire. QuickSilver comes to us via the recently broken up alm clan. He has tremendous skills in the game and brings high praise from the people who have played against him. Welcome aboard!

Three more matches were held today on the second day of the Perseverance of Triality Invitational. First match saw the first Euro clan into the tournament -D- pulling out a huge win with only 2 players representing their clan. Renkie and Lem topped off 288 kills between the two. NSA took a commanding second with 192 kills and AAA earned 1 point 130 kills. Screenshot

Second match pitted a clan we've scrimmaged recently, LoM earning a victory with a score of 272. TheGods had 213 and KoL had 167 kills in their match. Screenshot

Last match of the night, this looks like it was pretty close for 1st place. dPc (288) wins it by 18 kills over RSI (260) and CW4 (107). Screenshot

9.16.2002 || pot, off to a smoking start
The Atlantic Conference had two matches today, umL vs di vs f@w0 and CosaNostra vs XTPA vs FA.

Must have been a wild first match of the day. A demo is available on the PoT website if you missed it like I did. 1st place was decided by 5 kills, di had 304, umL had 299, and f@w0 took 3rd place with 182 kills. Screenshot

The second match of the day, the scores were a bit more spread out and my guess is once XTPA had the lead, they never lost it. Again, not seeing the match, it is a guess. Scores for their match, XTPA 303, CosaNostra 268, FA with 130. Screenshot

Check the Results and Demo page on the PoT website for all the latest scores and standings.

9.15.2002 || perseverance of triality kicks off
Eek! PoT 4 starts this week. Datacore is our first map. I have the server running Datacore all week long and will rotate the map accordingly per week.

Should be a fun tournament starting off on Thursday for us against S*N*M and AWD [hopefully with clan__killa]. Stay tuned for updates.

The fun side of the internet:
Half-Life Photos - real photos of the HL players
StupidVideos - some are funny
RubberFaces - hours of entertainment
Hexxagon - A fun game to play
FPS Read - interesting video stuff
HoldTheButton - Just how long can you hold it

9.08.2002 || dml final match
This past Saturday was the final match for the first DML custom map tournament. Just making it to the final match was some feat. Some of the clans that did not make it, dpc, Halo, nn|, mg. All great clans, but we some how managed to get past these clans. Some were easy ways, some we did not play, and some we earned. We definitely were the surprise clan to be there.

The other clan not mentioned was alm. Very tough. Lots of team play. Great aim and skills. Congrats on the victory. Your fast start in the map was the crusher for us. We never got back into the grove. If we did, SpinalTap put a quick stop to anything we tried to start. I don't have a final screenshot [strange eh?] but the score was around 150-125. Tricky dropped with around 10 minutes to play, with 30 kills? But I did make a demo if you wanna watch the match.

- alm vs DADS - DML Finals -

The fun side of the internet:
Low Rider Bikes - it's a bike mod!
Gold Capped Teeth - I ordered style #8 - need one say more?
Sleeping At Airports - one stop guide
Rate My Pussy - mmmmmmm, soft

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Tue 9/24 9:00EST vs [FA]
PoT 4 - 3vs3vs3
Wed 9/25 9:00EST CF-DS XR
Tues 10/1 9:00EST RSI ssx
Mon 10/7 8:30EST TheGods V&M

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